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How To Take A Different Vacation This Year

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Sometimes you’re just bored of taking the same holidays over and over again. You want to do something different. Something new. Something exciting most of all. The problem is you’re stuck for ideas. Not to worry though. We can help you with that. We’ve got a quick list of solutions to your problem.


Do Some Hiking

If you’re the type that likes being with nature, a hiking holiday is the thing for you. Just grab your boots and walking stick and you’re ready. Okay, that’s a little premature, you need a location first. The mountains and grassy hills of Cumbria, England. This part of England is more beautiful than you could ever imagine. While entirely modern, somehow it feels untouched by all the problems of today’s world. It’s secluded, and thoroughly cosy. Rent a room above a rustic country pub, so you have somewhere warm to retire to in the evenings. All you need to do is go downstairs for a hot meal and a nice drink. This is a kind of holiday you can take yourself, or with others. So long as you’re fit enough and have a map and compass you should be fine out there in the hills.


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Follow A Sport

You could take a trip abroad to follow a sport. Which sport exactly though? For the sake of argument let’s say horse racing. You can visit for more information on the specifics of upcoming horse racing events abroad. There’s something nice about following a sport abroad. You get to broaden yourself by visiting a new country, but the sport is something to link you back home. It’ll make things feel more familiar. Sometimes visiting a new country can be a really big culture shock. Things are different all around the globe. A little piece of home can ease you into it, and make you more susceptible to having a good time.

Take A Road Trip

If sports or hiking aren’t doing it for you, how about a road trip? Driving around a foreign country can be a great way to see things. Just hire a car and hit the road. You could even try hiring a sports car for that extra bit of flair. You’re not stuck with some tour group, nor do you have to rush to catch any flights. You can take things at your own pace. Not only can you set your own pace, but you can decide where you go. If you don’t want to hit the big cities, you can drift into the small towns and villages to get by. If it’s a non-English speaking country, you may want to brush up on your language skills though. You’re not likely to find many English speakers outside of the cities.

Have A Staycation

Sometimes just hanging around at home is good enough. If you’re sick of all the preparation and mess that goes with having to set yourself up for a holiday, just don’t do it this year. Maybe don’t do it the next year either. Wait until you’ve got the itch to travel again, and then go.

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