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How To Find A Good Property To Invest In

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The real estate market is a wonderful place for you to make killer investments. Buying and selling properties is extremely popular and a great source of added money. The hardest part of real estate is finding the perfect property to invest in. You want something with a low enough price to allow you to make a profit when selling. There are so many things that factor in and can make a huge difference to its price.

If you want to know how to find a good property to invest in, then here are three things to look out for:

Home Damage

If there are any significant damages to a home, then it will severely decrease the asking price. Hire a company like ACS Services that specialise in identifying any structural issues. This type of company can look out for severe cracks in walls or problems with the floor and ceiling. It’s important you find these issues before you commit to buying a home.

In my opinion, look for houses with little bits of fixable damage here and there. It means the price will be lower, but you can fix the damage yourself, which will then increase the house price come selling time. Successful property investors are always looking for ‘broken’ houses to do up and flip for a profit.




A lack of a front or back yard can alter the price of any property. If you’re looking to invest in a property without a garden, then it could be a tricky investment. You may get the house for cheap, but you have to realise that some families won’t want to live in a house without a garden. It can be a dealbreaker and may make the property hard to sell on.

A good tip would be to look for a house with a basic garden, buy it and then re-develop the garden for a small price. You can add a patio or a garden shed, which will increase its market value. Then you can look to sell it for an improved price and hopefully make a profit.


If a house doesn’t have a garage, then it’s going to lose some of its market value. People need garages to park their cars in, as they don’t want to leave them out on the street. They pay lots of money for a nice car, so want to see that it’s safe in a garage.

Bear this in mind when you’re investing in a property as it could make it harder to sell on. If you can find a property with no garage, but space to build one, then you’re going to be in the money. By building a garage next to a property, you’re going to make it easier to sell for a better price.

Keep an eye out on these things when investing in a property, they could prove to be key. You want to find things that lower a house price by just the right amount. It has to be low enough for you to make improvements, but still sell it for a profit!


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