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How to Train to be a Solicitor

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For those that have a passion for law, becoming a solicitor might be something that you have considered. The process of becoming a solicitor however, might seem a little complex at first, and you might not know where to get started. If you’ve felt a little confused when it comes to understanding just what it takes to become a solicitor, there is no need to worry, as by doing a little bit of research, you’ll be able to get a better grasp on what’s required of you, should you go down the path of being one.

Do You Enjoy Law?

Though a great profession once you’ve finally done all that is required of you, becoming a solicitor does demand a heavy workload, both whilst you’re learning to become one, and once you’re finally qualified. It’s important therefore that you are clear in terms of what is involved, but also that you are certain you want to become a solicitor for the right reasons in the first place. Getting clear on this, will help prevent any regret, and wasted time that could occur after you’ve spent years training to become one.


There are several routes you can take when it comes to obtaining the qualifications required of you to become a solicitor. For example, you could take the route of doing some work-based training, by joining the ‘Chartered Institute of Legal Executives (CILEX)‘, or you could get a law degree.

Getting a law degree will allow for you to potentially have more options after you graduate, in terms of what’s available to you as a solicitor.

If you choose to do things through the CILEX route, you will still need to take some examinations. In addition to this, the process could take more time, and there may be more of a demand placed on you.

After the Qualifications

Once you have obtained the qualifications, you will then need to become a member of the ‘Solicitors Regulation Authority’. Throughout this process you will be expected to apprentice in an actual legal practice, with firms such as these Poole solicitors. This will make it so you can gain some experience, in terms of what actually goes into being a solicitor. You will also get on the job training, learning how to deal with the common situations that might arise in a solicitors office.

With close supervision, and critical feedback on your performance, you will be able to improve to skills as a solicitor, making it so you are able to run your own practice effectively when the time comes.

Save Society…Become a Solicitor

A solicitor can be an admirable profession, as you help people deal with any injustices that they may have experienced as they go about their lives. As long as you are clear about what goes in to being a solicitor, and want to become a solicitor for the right reasons, it shouldn’t be long before you can tell people you are a fully qualified solicitor.

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