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How to Identify a Leaky Roof on Your House

We wage a constant war against the elements that are trying to erode our precious homes. The storms that battered us this winter are a prime example of the way our homes are constantly under attack. A climate that goes from one extreme to the other every year causes problems to the fabric of our buildings, and we must be ever vigilant against it.

The roof is arguable the most important part of a building since it offers protection to everything below it. If a leak develops in the roof, great damage can result over time. If a leak is suspected, deal with it immediately.

You will find here, a few hints that will help you in your quest to track down that pesky leak once and for all.

Take care. If you are not confident on ladders call the experts. If you are looking for Frisco Texas roof repair, or indeed repairs in any other state, search online for a recommended contractor.

Internal Evidence

Often, the first time we realise there is a problem with the roof is when damp becomes visible in the house. Of course, if damp is low down on the ground floor then you are dealing with a different beast altogether. A roof leak will most often present as a stain on the ceiling.

External Inspection

The first stage of tracking down the leak is to acquire a good pair of binoculars. Position yourself where you have a good view of the roof and zoom in with the binoculars to get the most detailed view possible. Works slowly over the suspect area. Look for missing or dislodged roof tiles. Pay particular attention to ridge tiles and the flashing around the chimney or gas flue as these are often culprits. The external inspection may reveal suspicious points that need looking at closer.

Internal Inspection

Take measurements using a tape measure of where the damp is evident inside the room. Then, after climbing into the loft space, transfer those measurements to the attic floor to find the damp patch from above. Now look directly above the damp patch at the underside of the roof to see if and moisture is evident. If it is not raining outside it will be a good idea to have an assistant spray the roof with a hosepipe. After a while, you may spot where the water is coming through. You are not out of the woods yet.

Roof Construction

The roof is likely to be a timber structure with a covering of roofing felt under tiles or shingles. Therefore, if a tile is cracked or missing, the water can gain entry high up on the slope and run down on top of the felt, only making itself known when it drips out. So the leak may not be where the drip is. Finding the drip, however, does give you a position on the roof that should come under closer scrutiny vertically.


The only option available now is to climb a ladder onto the roof and inspect manually. Hopefully, close up inspection will reveal the problem tile or shingle. Faulty flashing is a bigger job to fix but is within the capabilities of a DIYer. Maybe all it will need is the application of a sealing product to fix the leak.

If all has gone to plan, your home should once again be watertight. Thankfully you survived working at heights and are now sitting back with a beer contemplating a manly job well done. Now start bragging about it to all of your friends. I would.


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