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How To Save Money On Servicing Your Car

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After the initial purchase, one of the most-expensive costs relating to car ownership is having the vehicle serviced. In order to ensure its longevity, it is important to regularly service the car according to the manufacturer’s recommended service schedules or intervals, but did you know that it is technically possible for car owners to reduce their car servicing costs?

Here are some of the common ways of doing so, yet still have a fully-serviced vehicle that will enable its owners to enjoy many years of trouble-free motoring on the road!

Find a reliable garage

Unless you are planning to do all sorts of mechanical work on your car and have every single tool and piece of equipment that you are ever going to need to service and repair your car, you will need to entrust your car with a local garage.

The trouble is; there are a number of shoddy garages out there that will inevitably rip you off with poor workmanship or lying about whether they have performed certain work on your car or not for the purposes of making even more money out of you.

Therefore, it is essential that you find a reliable garage to help you out with your car servicing and repair needs, such as Colliers servicing.

Even if the reliable garage you find costs more than other garages in the area, you will certainly be saving a whole heap of money because repairs will be fairly priced, the workmanship will be high, and you will hopefully not need to visit the garage very often apart from having your annual service carried out!

Determine when things need to be done on your car

Prevention is always better than the cure, and when it comes to car maintenance it’s a hell of a lot cheaper too!

Your car’s owner’s manual will tell you when you need to have your car serviced and maintained, and it will also give you information on when certain maintenance tasks should be carried out, such as replacing spark plugs, cam belts and so on.

Learn more about your car

One of the best things you could ever do is to learn more about how your car works, as well as what major problems you are likely to incur with your pride and joy.

Websites such as Which? Cars offer detailed information on the most-common faults that will occur with your car, so you could save up a rainy day fund for such future repairs and not have to panic about where you are going to find the money from!

Service your car in accordance with warranty requirements

Regardless of whether your car has the factory warranty or one that you have purchased separately if your car is a few years old, it is important that you make sure the car is serviced in accordance with any warranty requirements or restrictions.

Car warranties can really come in handy if something major happens because of a mechanical defect caused from a factory-fitted part, so the last thing you want to do is have any warranty claims rejected because you failed to service your car in the past two years, for example!


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