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How To Improve Your Study Environment If You Are A Student

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Have you ever felt that you can´t concentrate? If so, you´re not alone. Students often complain about not being able to concentrate. Many aren´t able to commence their work or they feel that they aren´t functioning as efficiently as they would wish to. No one can concentrate 100% of the time, but you can easily minimise distractions around you.

Once you´ve ruled out external distractions (such as noise), you can then begin to run on the more difficult ones. By examining where you work, how you take care of yourself and what motivates you to work, you´ll find that you can increase your concentration and thereby improve your output. Keep in mind that all of this is very personal and individual. You´ll need to find out what works best for you.

Where You Work

Ask yourself where you do most of your work. Then ask yourself if this is the most efficient place for you to work. Seriously examining where you study and what changes you could make to the physical environment will go a long way to improving your concentration.

As you evaluate your place of study, ask yourself these questions:

  • Is the environment too dark or too light?
    Select an area that is ideal for studying and avoid lights that are too bright, as they can cause eye strain.
  • Is the area well ventilated?
    Stuffy and hot rooms can make you feel tried, keep the area well ventilated.
  • If the room comfortable?
    Ensure that your seat is comfortable and the room isn’t cluttered.
  • Is the room too cold or too hot?
    Avoid a room that is too cold or too hot, either are detrimental to those wanting to study.
  • Are there any distractions?
    Smartphones are something that should be placed away, social media logged out of. Also ensure that your TV is switched off, and inform friends and family that you are studying.
  • Are you struggling to get motivated?
    This is certainly an element that many students come across regularly. However, just remember that there are many natural ways to boost your motivation – even a cup of coffee can help certain individuals.
  • Are you in a noisy environment?
    Some students are able to work better when listening to music, others prefer to work in silence. Adjust the room noise depending on how easily you are distracted. If you live with other students, then politely tell them that you are about to study and need a noise-free environment for a while.
  • Friends keep annoying you?
    Maybe your popular and people keep wanting you? However, you will need to be firm and alert them to the fact that you won’t be allowing any distractions and that they should expect your phone to be off on unanswerable.
  • Your Health
    Your ability to concentrate largely depends on how well you take care of yourself. Getting adequate sleep, decent nutrition, and exercise all make a difference. It is very important to establish a regular routine of eating, sleeping, and exercise. Students who incorporate all three into their lives generally show higher marks.

Use Tools That Can Help Assist With Your Studies

It’s not a crime to have an arsenal of tools as your disposal, not only will they help make your productivity, but you’ll find that you actually learn more as a result. From using an encyclopaedia to a fraction calculator, even Google can be handy if you understand how to find reliable sources – watch your workflow improve.

What Motivates You To Study

In order not to feel like you are being punished severely and being made to study, it is important to bring interest to the material and a sense of purpose to the task. Let´s face it, if you don´t believe the material is relevant to you, it´ll bore you. You may find yourself in a situation where you may need to create relevance. Try to relate the material to what interests you or discuss it with your peers. Always make sure that before you sit down, you have a clearly defined purpose and task.

REMEMBER: Everyone works best with positive reinforcements, so make sure you reward yourself for your accomplishments.

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