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How To Take Advantage of an SSL Certificate For Your Website

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The warning signs have surfaced.  People are being warned today about the dangers of visiting unsafe websites. Google is now warning users to stay away from websites they have verified to be unsafe. These websites are ‘danger zones’ because they don’t have SSL certificates.

Now, if you have a website intended for shopping and transactions, then shooing your customers away is totally bad for business. Without a valid SSL certificate, you’re giving customers a bad impression of your business. Now that’s not going to make you money.

If you still don’t have the cert at this moment, now is the appropriate time to buy SSL certificate.

Why Listen to Google’s Warning?

Chrome, Google’s popular browser, began notifying online users that sites without encryption are not safe and might not be protected from scams since the beginning of 2017.

Luckily for those websites that have secured an SSL certificate, Google has rewarded them with a slight boost in rankings. It may not be that significant, but it can improve the website’s performance in the long run.

Today, a lot of cybercrimes happen, and we don’t know how vulnerable our internet security is. One thing’s for sure, hackers and crooks will do anything to penetrate any website. However, Google wants everyone to be safe – business owners and online consumers alike.

As the world’s primary search engine, it is their solemn duty to inform everyone if a website is safe or not. Google attests that a website encrypted with an SSL certificate is a safe place to explore and make transactions.

How SSL Certificate Protects Websites

It’s simply a security certificate in layman’s term. For instance, when you visit a website that uses HTTPS (which means secure connection), the website reveals that it uses a particular certificate to verify their identity to web browsers such as Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and others.

The function of SSL certificates is to provide a safe online experience for users by getting rid of any threats that can sneak in and steal your personal information – names, card numbers, etc. Also, it prevents your computer from getting infected by viruses etc.

Don’t Miss Out on Potential Customers

Without an SSL certificate, possible customers may be leaving your site fearing it may be unsafe to make purchases using their valuable personal information, credit or debit cards details. Or they might have the impression that your website is infected, even though it’s not.

If your website is indicated unsafe, and online users learn about this; you will certainly lose tremendous traffic since people will be frightened of getting hacked or scammed. That’s how important SSL certificates are!

So, if you don’t want to run the risk of your potential clients receiving terrifying warning messages when they visit your website, then you need to get a valid SSL certificate as soon as possible.

You can get SSL packages from different trusted companies. Pick one that is suitable for your website that will definitely strengthen your online presence as a trustworthy online store that is truly safe to deal with.

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