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How To Outfit Your New Conservatory

So your gleaming new structure is complete. The standard upgrade for suburban homes is standing proudly on the back of your house. New conservatories look barren until you get to grips with the interior design. Treat it to the same level of detail that you give to the rest of the house to create an attractive and functional space. The interior design involves much more than placing a couple of plant pots and a wicker suite in there.

If you are looking for some inspiration because you have no idea what to do with your blank canvass, read on. Here is how to outfit your new conservatory in 2014.


We start with what lies underfoot in your room. Conservatories are notoriously hot rooms in the summer and cold in the winter, so knowing which floor covering to use is not as straight forward as you may first think. Here are a few products to consider.

  • Ceramic Tiles
  • Wooden Flooring
  • Carpet
  • Carpet Tiles

The best material to use is a matter of opinion. I believe that ceramic tiles are too cold for the winter months and do little to help with the temperatures in the summer. The conservatory is a gateway to the garden, so people often step into it with dirty shoes; not ideal for carpets. laminate or wooden flooring is the best product to use here. The boards fit together without glue and are easy to install. remember to leave a five millimeter gap around the edges for expansion as the ambient temperature changes with the seasons.

Sun Protection

Window blinds suit conservatories well. They are both functional and attractive; exactly what you need. Take a look at a blinds shop online to see the wide variety of solutions available to you. Here are some options that are perfect for conservatories.

  • Vertical Blinds
  • Venetian Blinds
  • Pleated Blinds
  • Roller Blinds
  • Roman Blinds
  • Solar Blinds

Vertical blinds suit the windows perfectly but do not fit on the roof. To block sunlight from above, solar or pleated blinds are the best choice. Pleated blinds are the most attractive style, and they come as electrically operated units too, making the drawing process simple.


Ceiling fans are very cheap these days thanks to modern motors and production methods. It is essential to have moving air on a hot day or the room becomes stifling. The fans often have lights incorporated, so they kill two birds with one stone.

Air conditioning units keep the temperature comfortable, but close the doors for them to function properly. You can’t expect them to cool the whole world down after all. They come as portable or fixed units to suit your needs.


There should be plant life in every conservatory. One attractive broadleaved ornamental plant is better than many little ones in cheap pots on the window sill. The plant is likely to be expensive, but it reminds people of the original purpose of these rooms.


People are using cane or wicker furniture in this setting, but there is no need to restrict your choice. Any furniture used in the home will sit comfortably in this room too. The only caveat is that these pieces will probably need protection from the sun, so use window blinds to protect them.

Unveiling your new room to your family and friends is an exciting time. Try not to be one of the people who insist on guests sitting in there even when it is too hot or cold; they may not be as excited about your new acquisition as you are. I hope you enjoy your new room.



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