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How to Run a Greener, More Economically Friendly Business

Becoming a greener business will not only benefit the environment, but your business too. It’ll cut down substantially on business costs, so you can spend more in other areas, or you could even take the extra as profit. Whatever you decide to do, there’s no better time to go green. More and more consumers are starting to appreciate greener businesses too! You’ll have the best reputation you’ve ever had when you make the decision to go green. Let’s take a look at how you can do it:


Be Committed to Going Green

It’s fairly easy to create a more eco-friendly business, but you need to get everyone on board so the whole business is committed to the idea. Constantly encourage your employees and colleagues to be greener, and even ask for suggestions on how you can go about it. Keeping everyone in the loop is the key to doing this successfully.


Purchase Local Supplies for the Office

Purchase as many items as you can locally to minimise the effects of gas usage when supplies are transported to the area. You’ll likely need things like paper, toilet paper, cups, folders, etc; so make sure you buy them locally.



Recycling is easy peasy, yet many businesses fail to do it sufficiently. Keep your recycling bins separate from the waste bins so nothing gets confused, and make sure the bins are clearly labelled.


Use Motion Sensors for Water

You won’t believe it, but one drop of water wasted per second adds up to a total of 10,000 liters per year! That’s a lot of water. To stop this, you can have motion sensors install in the restroom so employees can’t accidentally leave the water running.


Turn Off Equipment When Not in Use

All employees should be turning off their computers at the end of every day. This is a small task that will help you cut back on around 50% of wasted energy!


Avoid Printing

Offices are famous for wasting a lot of paper. Communicate via email rather than by using paper, and only print something when it’s absolutely necessary. Double sided printing when you have to print will help too.


Cut Down on Heating and Cooling

Lots of money and energy is wasted on heating and cooling, so learn to be less wasteful with this. Depending on business hours, you should set the thermometer higher or lower. Don’t spend money on heating/cooling unused rooms either!


Change the Lighting

Energy efficient fluorescent bulbs will save money and energy in comparison to traditional bulbs – around 75%! These little changes will all add up.


Send Ecards

Rather than sending printed notes and cards during birthdays, the festive season, and to say thank you; send green ecards instead using eCO2 Greetings. They plant 10 trees with every e-card too, so you know you’re doing something great for the environment!

The small changes really add up when you’re trying to be greener, so try the tips above and you’ll be proud to run an eco-friendly business!


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