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How to Behave in a Court of Law

Appearing in a court of law can be nerve-wracking, especially if you might be in trouble for an incident or crime. It’s important that you know how to behave appropriately in a court of law, so you stand the chance of getting the best possible outcome. This post will help you:

Dress Appropriately

The first step is to make sure you dress appropriately for your appearance. Wear a well fitting, dark suit with a tie and dark shoes. Make sure it isn’t too tight or too baggy.

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Treat Everybody With Respect

Treat everybody that you come into contact with on the day with respect. You never know who might be outside the courtroom – you could even end up coming into contact with a judge or juror without knowing it.

Stay Focused

Stay focused once in the courtroom. Other cases will be going on, and staying focused will allow you to keep yourself safe.

Stay Calm

Try to stay as calm as possible once you’ve taken your seat in the courtroom. Avoid fidgeting and stay as still as possible.

Listen Carefully

Listen very carefully to the things being said in the courtroom, whether they are to you or not.

Answer Questions When You’re Ready

Only answer a questions when you’re ready. If you don’t understand a question, don’t answer it until you understand. Ask them to repeat the question. Think about what you say before you say it.

Look at The Judge for Advice on How to Respond

If you are struggling or feel pressured, you may be able to look at the judge for advice on how to respond.

Breathe Regularly and Evenly

Breathing regularly and evenly should be able to help you stay calm and give appropriate answers. Always breathe before answering a question and never answer two questions in one breath. Take it slow.

Allow the Silence

If there is silence when you’ve finished answering a question, let there be silence. Don’t feel obligated to fill the silence, or give more information than the question asked for. Also, allow for a beat after you’ve been asked a question, before answering.

Address Judges and Attorneys Formally When You Speak to Them

This is a formal occasion, so make sure you treat it that way. Address all attorneys formally when speaking to them, and make sure you address the judge properly. Don’t be over familiar with anybody.

Speak Clearly

Speak as clearly as possible when answering questions. You may want to practice this with somebody you trust beforehand, like a member of your defense team. A defense like should be able to help you get ready for your court appearance and represent you in the best way.

Don’t Lie

Never lie in court. I shouldn’t have to tell you that lying is illegal, and you’ll more than likely get found out. Always tell the truth to the best of your knowledge. People might try to trip you up on parts of your story or bits of information, but if you’re telling the truth, you have nothing to worry about.

Good luck.

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