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How to bet on Sports

If you’re a sports junkie, chances are that you’ve probably considered placing at least one bet at some point (perhaps on a single championship game, for instance).  This is especially true of situations where you fancy yourself to be quite knowledgeable about the team(s) or game variables.  In cases like that, you might tend to feel that you basically already know the outcome(s) and therefore, you want to cash in on your knowledge and experience.  However, if it’s your first encounter with sports gambling you might be totally lost as far as the specifics are concerned.  How do you get started?  Well, this little guide will introduce you to the basics…

First off, it’s important that you have the funds together that will allow you to actually start. However, one shouldn’t throw all of their finances into the fray; after all, we are talking about placing wagers here.  It is highly recommended that you set aside a small percentage of your money and place it in a segregated account which is to be used for gambling on sports-related activities.

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s concentrate on the actual task at hand.  It’s important to note that you can place bets on nearly anything; this might include items like the initial coin toss or perhaps more complex types of “spread” bets.  What are spread bets, you ask?  Essentially, spread bets are very specific types of wagers which usually involve some type of “point spread”; in other words, it isn’t just about who wins a match, you might also bet on “how many points a certain team ends up scoring ahead of the other squad”.   This system exists because it adds a new dynamic level to the rather simplistic binary betting system.  If you’re just starting out however, it is advised that you avoid spread betting, at least at first; instead, you should focus on what you know and more simplistic wagers. With many sites to choose from, we started with Youwin betting, which allows you to bet an a variety of different sports. Choose your favourite betting site, and try to find the site that offers you the best odds (they can vary quite a bit from site to site).

Next, you’re going to want to locate a sportsbook or betting parlor where you can actually place your wagers.  If you have one or more that are within reach locally, used these venues to do your gambling.  Assuming that you don’t have any sportsbook establishments within close proximity, you can always go online.  Before you actually do any gambling however it’s vitally important that you familiarize yourself with every aspect of the game, team(s), player(s), and event(s) you’re betting on.  If this requires you to pull a bunch of season statistics and meticulously analyze them, then so be it, that’s what it takes.   Try to always avoid placing uniformed bets; instead, focus on situations where you area able to realistically calculate certain outcomes based on previous knowledge.  In other words, it’s probably best to place your first bet after the season has already started, in this way you can compare and contrast a team with others.

Lastly, place your wagers and always try to constantly improve your knowledge.  Aside from studying statistics (as was previously suggested) you can also make friends with individuals who are well-known handicappers and/or get tips from veteran gamblers.

As always, be safe and good luck!

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