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How To Improve The Appearance Of Your Home

Selling a home in today’s current market may not seem like a good idea to some, and for others it is just not an option as they are in negative equity. However for those that can, they don’t need to sell them or their house short, with a few simple improvements they can raise the appearance of their home to attract the right buyer at the right price.

It has been said that people can make up their minds about a house in the first 10 seconds of seeing it, and that is just from the outside. Therefore it is best to make sure the kerb appeal is spot on. So here is how to make those improvements starting right at the front gate finishing at your doorstep.

1. Start at the front gate, you want to make sure that it is in keeping with the period of the property, that is works properly and is not broken.

2. Keep the path, or steps to the front door free from any clutter and leaves, as it helps to draw them to the front of the house.

3. The garden should also be free from lots of toys to; ensure that the lawn has been mowed and any flowers or plants have not just withered away. Instead replace these with new flowers or make use of large flowerpots.

4. Your next step is to make changes to the front of the house; re-pointing or rendering the brickwork can make a huge difference.

5. You will also need to clean the windows, possibly give the frames a paint if you can. if you have the money to replace any that are looking old and tired try to do this to. Its not just about the outside, think about what they can see through the windows too. Have clean nets, curtains or blinds, ensure they are open properly too, and that they match

6. Next is your front door, give this a clean and a lick of paint to, try to keep the colour in keeping with the period of the home, blacks, red and greens are good door colours. Make sure that the numbering or name of the house is also clear to see; fix any wonky or broken bits, or even invest on getting some new ones.

7. Keeping with your door, think about the door handles, knocker, letterbox and bell that you have, do these work, and do they look good? If after painting you find that they look a little odd, it is a good idea to buy new ones, save yourself some money by going to reclamation yards for authentic pieces to match your homes style.

8. Doorways or porches look good when there is a light upon them, so make use of a lantern, ideal if potential buyers come round when the light is not so good. if you want to use security lights, try to keep the main part of it hidden behind shrubs or wall plants. You could also make use of solar lights along the pathway to the front door.

This post was written by Alex Jones who writes about home improvement and DIY on behalf of Pronto Plastics Guttering Supplies.

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