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How to Package Things Correctly for Delivery

If you need to package something up for delivery, it’s important that you do it properly. It doesn’t matter what you’re sending or where you’re sending it to, all that matters is that it gets there safe and sound. Perhaps you’re packaging an item that you’ve sold on eBay? If you fail to get your item to it’s destination in full working order and fit for purpose and the packaging is to blame, you could end up losing money and get in a lot of trouble (depending on what it is). Here’s how to package things correctly for delivery, so you can get it right every time!

Use A Corrugated Box

If you can, use a new box. Using boxes over and over again can cause them to lose their protective properties over time. You should be careful as a box that has been previously used may not properly protect your item.

If you really have to use a used box, make sure that it’s still sturdy and in great condition with no holes or tears. Make sure all of the flaps are still intact and there’s no corner damage either.

You need to make sure that your box is strong enough to carry the item you’re sending, otherwise disaster could strike. Some boxes have the max weight of what they can hold printed on them, so check to see if yours does to make sure you’re within your limits.

Give Protection Inside Of The Box

You must make sure that the item in your box is properly cushioned to avoid any damage. If you’re sending more than one item in the box, it would be wise to cushion them all separately to avoid them knocking each other. Not only should you make sure multiple items are cushioned and wrapped up separately, you should make sure they are cushioned and protected from the corners of the box, the sides, the top and the bottom. 2.5 inches of cushioning is a good place to start. Remember, your items shouldn’t shake when you move the box!

Materials You Can Use To Protect Your Item

  • Bubble wrap – bubble wrap is a good cushion for lightweight items and can be used in multiple layers to make sure your items are properly protected.

  • Inflatable air bags – air bags can be used to fill any gaps in boxes for lightweight items. However, you should avoid using air bags altogether if the item/items you’re sending have sharp corners. Extreme temperatures can affect the protection of inflatable airbags and therefore  cause your item damage!

  • Polystyrene peanuts – these “peanuts” are used to fill boxes carrying lightweight items. This material isn’t suitable for narrow products.

These are the main materials you can use to protect your item while it’s in transit. If you’re finding these packaging instructions too difficult to take in, companies like the GSH Group can help you with your packaging needs. It’s important that items are properly packaged to avoid damage, not to mention the loss of money you could incur, so ensure you follow these instructions and get it right!

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