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How To Use Amazing Gadgets That Deter Criminals And Keep You Safe

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There are three violent crimes in the US every minute. It’s a sobering statistics. And one that leaves the law abiding wondering whether we’re doing everything we can to protect ourselves.

But just as crime seems to be spiralling out of control, bright engineers are coming out with solutions. It’s like a miniature arms race between the thugs and the criminals and the rest of us.

The question is, what gadgets are out there, and how do they keep us safe?

Pepper Spray

Of all the self defense products on the market, pepper spray is the most notorious. Traditionally marketed at women and children, pepper spray is a non-lethal defence.

When sprayed on the eyes, pepper spray can temporarily blind a criminal, allowing you to get away quickly.



Stun Guns

First off, check that stun guns are legal in your country. If they are, welcome aboard. Stun guns pack a mighty punch. Used by police across the world, stun guns can disable an attacker with over a thousand volts of electricity.

TV Simulator

According to the Bureau of Justice, 70 percent of break-ins in the US happen when the house is empty. And given that many people in the US have guns, you can understand why.

So pretending you’re in when you’re not is a surefire way to deter the majority of would-be criminals.

One neat idea is to use LED lights that simulate the light coming from your TV. They’ll flash and flicker, just like the light from your TV. But just remember to keep the curtains closed when you go out so your plan can’t be foiled.

Fake CCTV Cameras

Fake CCTV cameras are all the rage these days. Buying a real camera is often a lot of money. And if you don’t live in a high-risk area, the investment is unlikely to pay off. But spending under $10 on a fake camera can be a great investment.

Criminals have absolutely no idea whether a camera is fake or not. And many would simply prefer to leave your property alone and move on to the next opportunity.

Reinforced Door Slabs

It’s quite easy for determined criminals to break through your front door. Most front doors are good for keeping the elements out, but not much else.

Using steel door slabs and reinforcing the door frame can be of enormous help in stopping criminals in their tracks.

Stun Baton

Stun batons work a lot like stun guns. They’re designed to disable an attacker with an electric shock.

Stun batons are useful for civilians and law enforcement alike.

Integrated Smart Systems

Lastly, integrated smart devices are the latest weapon in the fight against criminals. Smart technology can now be dotted all around your property and detect motion and metal as well as recording video.

Some manufacturers have even gone a step further by adding in systems that tell you whether your phone line has been cut. This stuff is really James Bond and quite scary. Don’t worry, though, most systems come with remote control. So if they get out of hand, you can just switch them off.


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