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How to Become a Pro Clarinet Player

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If you want to become a pro clarinet player, you shouldn’t be under any illusions; it’s going to be hard. It’s going to be even harder if you’re starting as a beginner! However, if this is what you really want you can definitely achieve it. Read on for the steps you’ll need to take:

Buy a Clarinet

First of all you need to buy a clarinet. Go to a big music shop that has clarinets for sale so you can ask questions and see how the different makes and models feel in your hands. Don’t just order any old clarinet – you need to love your instrument so you can have a long, happy relationship with it!

Learn How to Read Music

Not only should you learn how to read music, but a few other things when playing the clarinet too:

  • Learn the chromatic scale for the range of the clarinet. Start with a low E and work your way up by following a fingering chart.
  • Learn all of the scales and intervals. All of the best players are fluid in these.
  • Study etudes, and musical exercises designed to develop your skills.

This is probably the hardest part, but it will be worth it!

Watch Tutorials

There are plenty of tutorials online on sites like Youtube. You don’t necessarily need an expensive music teacher, simply an internet connection and a computer. As you learn more, you can watch more complicated videos and learn more complicated fingering/songs.

Practice Every Day

You must practice every day if you want to go pro. I’d recommend practicing for at least one hour a day. However, don’t practice too much, as you may lose the love of playing the instrument. You need to get sufficient rest from playing so you can process everything you’ve learned and then play even better next time you practice.

Listen to Music

Listening to music featuring the clarinet will help you to differentiate different kinds and styles. This will allow you to create your own playing style that you can be proud of!

Find a Teacher

If you’re not satisfied with the help you’re getting from Youtube, you can find a professional clarinet teacher to help you. These one to one sessions could be a massive help in getting you to professional status.

Join a Band

Why not join a band to play with other instruments and musicians? This is a great way to make friends, learn more, and have a lot of fun playing your instrument.

Have Your Clarinet Serviced

You need to have your clarinet serviced in order for it to sound its best. Make sure that you take it to a reputable clarinet cleaning service so that it sounds and plays great.

Although you’ll need to put a lot of work in, it is possible for you to become a clarinet playing pro. Make sure you practice every single day, but keep things interesting and fun so your passion for the music shines through when you play. Thanks for reading!


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