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How to Choose the Perfect Whirlpool Bath

There are plenty of reasons as to why installing a whirlpool bath in your home is a great idea.  Whether you’re looking for therapeutic health benefits or perhaps just love the luxuriousness of being able to jump into a hot, bubbly personal spa whenever you want, a whirlpool bath is a wonderful investment. Of course actually choosing the right model for your abode is easier said than done.  Before you decide on anything in particular, please consider the following…

Weight and size

First and foremost, you have to take meticulous measurements – this should not only include accurate dimensions for the area in which your bath will be installed, but also how much weight the floor can bear.  Likewise, you have to ask yourself if the new bath will actually be able to fit through all the various doors leading to its destination.  You’d be surprised at the number of individuals who neglect to consider these most basic measurements.

If you’re going to be placing your whirlpool bath on a second (or third) floor, it is imperative that you find out what sort of construction options are available.  For example, there may be some mild water damage to repair prior to sticking the new unit in.   For most people however, this process will entail adding some additional supports and/or installing some type of secondary slab to bear the extra weight.  Naturally, if you already have a large iron tub in its place then there shouldn’t be any issues.

Will this require additional remodeling?

Considering the previous items, you have to ask yourself “is this going to turn into a much more involved job than I previously imagined?”  You might be thinking that installing a whirlpool bath in your upstairs bathroom is going to be a relatively straightforward procedure, only to discover that lots of additional remodeling and construction are merited.  If this turns out to be the case in your situation and you’re not financially prepared to deal with the situation things can quickly turn into a home makeover nightmare.  It’s recommended that you hire a professional to evaluate your space prior to dropping any substantial sums on that new whirlpool bath you have your eye on.  Issues like access to plumbing and the quality of the wiring can ultimately become deciding factors, so be sure to check everything out (leave nothing to chance, as they say).

Features and design

Lastly, you can concentrate on the various features you want as well as the design(s) you’re fond of.  With a variety of whirlpool baths on the market, you’ve got plenty of ideas to find the perfect one for your home. It simply makes no sense to approach a whirlpool bath purchase with aesthetics in mind; first you need to make sure that you can even stick one in your home.  Assuming that everything’s good, the next thing to look at is the shape of the unit itself.  Ideally you want to be able to get in and out of it easily and feel very comfortable when seated.  Arm rests and grab bars should also be considered. In terms of features, inline heaters are always a popular option, as are certain types of jets which offer up a more therapeutic experience.

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