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How To Cope When Your Car Breaks Down At An Inopportune Time

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A car is something that we rely upon every single day of our adult lives. It takes us to work; out for dinner; on Sunday drives; and out to the cinema with our significant other. However, cars have a tendency to break down at the worst possible time.

When you have an important that you are running late to, it is highly likely that you will suffer a punctured tyre. When you are nearing the end of a long and dreary car journey, a stone will likely flick up off the road and chip your windscreen. When you are driving down a slippy street, you brakes will likely fail. It is simply just our luck.

Below is a list of way in which you can fix these inopportune and wholly unwanted car problems.

A flat tyre

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The most common – and arguably the most irritating – problem you will have as a car owner is puncturing or bursting one of your tyres. This will be painfully annoying due to the fact that it will likely occur while you are on the road. In order to combat this issue when it occurs, you need to be prepared to put in some elbow grease. Pull over in a convenient spot and take the spare tyre, jack and wheel wrench from the boot of your car. Loosen the wheel nuts slightly before slowly raising the car through the use of the jack. Once the wheel is adequately raised above the ground, continue to loosen the the wheels nuts and then carefully pull the wheel off the car. Finally, put the spare tyre into place and tighten the wheels nuts.

Chipped windscreen

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Unlike a flat tyre, a chipped windscreen is not something you can repair yourself. Your best possible course of action is to contact a mechanic or a company such as Autoglass as soon as you notice a chip in your windscreen. The longer you wait to address this issue, the worst it will get, so ensure that you address it before you need a whole new windscreen.

Brake failure

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There are very few mechanical faults that can occur on the road as dangerous as brake failure. If on a motorway, it can lead to fatal car crashes, while on city streets it can lead to dangerous collisions and unwanted angst. Like a chipped windscreen, this is an issue that you can not address yourself. Brake failure will lead your car to be undrivable, so contact a local mechanic through a company such as whocanfixmycar in order to adequately address this issue.

Engine failure

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Have you changed your oil in the past six months? If you have not, it is possible that engine failure was caused by this negligence. Ensure that you change your car oil if engine failure occurs. If this does not fix your problem, contact a mechanic.

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