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How to Design an Office Staff Will Love

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Keeping staff happy at work is an art form that can only be learned over decades of experience. People are difficult to please it has to be said, and striking a balance between having fun and making money is not an easy task.

If you are planning to move your office to a new building, or renovate your existing one, you have a golden opportunity to boost morale at the same time.

Here are my top tips for creating the office of your worker’s dreams. Give them a week off on full pay while work is undertaken.

New Windows

We’re not talking about window replacements here, we mean new windows. If the office is dull, dreary, and lacking in light, knock holes in the outside walls for new windows. Nothing can beat natural light for lifting people’s mood.


Remove the awful fluorescent light fittings and replace them with halogen or LED lights. Ensure that dimmer switches are fitted so a relaxed, warm, calm atmosphere can be maintained.


If you have screens fitted around each workstation remove them immediately. They make the office seem impersonal and create a feeling of being alone. Only the worst offices use screens.


Get the painters in to give the room a little cheeriness again. A fresh coat of paint works wonders to lift our mood. Everyone likes to be in nice surroundings.

New Furniture

Buying new furniture is a tricky business, as people are fickle. Treat your workers to a shopping trip for new furniture to suit them individually, rather than one range for the whole office.


Ornamental pot plants can give the office a sharp, modern feel, or a homely atmosphere. It is now possible to hire indoor plants through Gaddy’s and other providers online.


Install a free drinks machine in the office and give the staff unlimited use of it. After the novelty has worn off you may be surprised that it is not used as much as you suspected.


Installing a snack machine will keep those tummies from rumbling. It may not be a great idea to make the food free of charge.


An office gym, complete with the latest technological equipment shows that you care about your employees health. Also, it is a great way to work off those snacks. Of course, there will need to be shower facilities too.


Install a fully functioning kitchen so the employees can take turns at cooking for lunchtime meals. Getting all the staff involved in a cooking club is a great way to boost teamwork. If they have to work late, you could cook them dinner as well as paying time-and-a-half.


Put a room aside for the child’s nursery. If you employ a qualified member of staff to look after the kids, the parents can continue working happily.

If you have followed some, or all of the advice given here; you are clearly the best boss in the world and your staff will repay you tenfold in increased production. Your office will be renowned for its happy, friendly atmosphere, and there will be no problems recruiting new staff, because none of your existing employees will ever leave. Your name will go down in corporate  history as one of the all time greats. Result!

Staff in Woodlands office, Bedford, February 2010.

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