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How To Get Cheap Flights To And In Asia

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Parts of Asia are some of the cheapest places to travel, so long as you’re looking to keep your costs down. While you can indulge in a luxury holiday in many countries in Asia, many people are looking to save some cash. Whether you’re in China, Thailand, Indonesia or the Philippines you can travel, sleep and eat cheaply. You just need to know where to look for the best deals.

Travel costs can be one of the highest expenses when you’re travelling, next to accommodation. Particularly when you’re flying long distances, the cost of a flight, plus airport taxes, visas and other extras can take a big chunk out of your funds. There are lots of tips and tricks you can use to keep the cost of flights down, both to and within countries in Asia.

Book in Advance – But Not too Far in Advance

Booking your flights long before you travel can be much cheaper than buying at the last minute. However, booking too far in advance can raise the cost too. To get the best deals on flights, the best time to book is between six and eight weeks before flying. If you’re travelling during peak times, it’s best to leave around three months.

Look Out for Sales and Special Deals

Many airlines, travel agents and flight booking websites hold regular promotions and sales. You might grab a cheap deal with Garuda promo in Or you could get a last-minute deal with a tour operator in their summer sale. Shop around, using different booking websites and going straight to the airlines website too. Not all sites will show the best deal, so it’s best to compare.

Use Budget Airlines

If you’re serious about keeping the cost of your flights down, don’t be afraid to use budget airlines – even for flying long haul. They may have fewer frills and niceties than a more upmarket provider, but they still get you to your destination in one piece. Paying for the bare minimum and adding a few extras can work out cheaper than splashing out on all-inclusive tickets. Budget airlines based in Asia, particularly the domestic lines, are usually cheaper than those based in Europe or North America. Asian airlines will also often offer tickets with no fares – you only need to pay taxes.

Fly to Remote Airports

This ties into budget airlines, as many will fly you to an airport slightly removed from where you actually want to go. It can be a much cheaper option to fly to an airport that’s farther away from where you want to be. Then you simply use a bus, taxi, hire car or whichever mode of transport you choose to get into the city. Many major cities have a secondary airport that is cheaper to fly to on the outskirts of the city.

These tips are particularly useful for Asia, where it’s easier to get a better deal on flights. However, they can be helpful for travel all around the world.


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