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How to Get Your House off the Market FAST

So, you need to get your house off the market ASAP. Whether youíre only just putting your house up for sale, or itís been up for some time, there are some smart things you can do in order to make it more desirable to buyers. If you can enlist the help of friends and family, youíll get things done in no time! Now, letís take a look at what you can do:

Get Rid of Weeds

Although your weeds arenít necessarily classed as the house, they do increase or decrease the curb appeal of a house. Getting rid of them will make your garden look much better, and give a nicer first impression.

Plant Colourful Flowers

Everybody loves colourful, blooming flowers in the garden. Plant lots of them to make sure your garden looks alive, and make sure they are easy to maintain too.

Border the Driveway

Creating a border down the driveway will give a sleek look. You can do this with stone, more flowers, or lights. Itís up to you! Itís a nice way to beckon your visitors to come closer.

Wash the Car

Although Iím sure you wonít be throwing your car into the deal, again, this can increase or decrease the curb appeal of your house. A nice shiny car on the driveway makes a world of difference!

Paint the Door

Does your door look a little outdated and tired? You want a door that looks welcoming. Clean the door and paint it over, if itís the right kind of material. You may even want to paint it a nice colour to help it stand out. If you can afford it, buy a new door.

Add Lights

Lights outside make it a nice place to chill out, and they also add an element of safety for night time.

Let in Natural Light

Now that youíve made the curb appeal shoot up, itís time to concentrate on the inside of the house. You should let in as much natural light as possible, explain the estate agents in Bedminster, as this makes the place look larger and more airy. Have sheer curtains, clean windows, and blinds that you can fully pull back to make the place nice and light.

Add a Fresh Lick of Paint

Sometimes all you need is a fresh lick of paint. Seriously; it can make a whole world of difference! However, I donít recommend you try a palette of crazy new colours if you want your house off the market fast. Buyers like to see neutral decor, because then they can picture what they would like to do with it.

Get Rid of Carpets

Carpets are so old fashioned; nobody wants them anymore. In fact, they could be the one thing letting your house down. Get rid of carpets and replace with a nice, hard floor. You can use wood, stone, vinyl, or another material you like.


Getting rid of clutter will make the place seem more spacious and allow potential buyers to use their imaginations.

Bake Brownies or Cookies on Viewing Days

Lastly, bake something sweet on viewing days. The smell has been scientifically proven to attract buyers!

Try these tips and your house will be snapped up before you have the chance to taste a brownie!


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