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How to Avoid Ticket Scams

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Have you ever been so desperate to see an artist perform that you’ll pay any amount of money to see them? Unfortunately, our love for artists, sports and theatre productions is taken advantage of. Fraudsters in recent times, have started to latch on to the fact that people will pay very good money to see events. They are even prepared to meet face to face with non legit tickets, or through online websites. We have to remember that it’s easy for scammers to set up a fake website that looks genuine. Some even use a name or website URL that is similar to a legitimate website. If you’re unsure or it sounds too good to be true, leave the website immediately.

These fraudsters are seeing any big event as the perfect opportunity to make some money. More notably, big football matches that take place from the premier league and even the champions league, are being targeted. Fans are desperate to see their team play and with tickets in such high demand, the fraudsters have done their research.

In recent years, Bayern Munich tickets have become harder to get your hands on, with the team striving for success in Europe’s top competitions. This is a prime target for fraudsters to cash in on fake tickets. A point worth noting is that the average victim loses around £80; that’s money that most of us can’t afford to lose with the way the world is at the moment!

In order to try and avoid any issues of ticket scams in the future, never buy from a source that doesn’t give clear instructions or terms and conditions, as good resellers are happy to explain what your rights are and what their responsibilities are. It would also be a good idea to use a credit card if you are to purchase over the internet. Under the Consumer Credit Act, your credit card provider must cover you if the goods you bought fail to appear.

Be aware when the tickets come on sale, and if tickets have sold out. A website guaranteeing tickets to a well-publicised event that has been sold out for months might be too good to be true. Obviously common sense but in desperate situations to see shows/events people seem to be forgetting these small tips that can help stop endless problems.

If you do buy from a website, be sure to double check where the seats are and when the tickets should be dispatched to you. Keep a note of this. Also check their refund policy; can you claim in case anything goes wrong?

A recent report done in the UK show that 1 in 10 people have been a victim of ticket fraud. If you are lucky enough to not of been one of theses people, it’s important that these little tips help to stop you becoming another victim to that list.

Hopefully this will of made more people aware of how easy it is to lose hard earned money to fraudsters.

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