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How To Become A Doctor In 4 Easy Steps

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At a time when millions of jobs have become unstable in the UK and many people are having to seriously reconsider their options moving forward into 2014, I’ll bet finding a career solution that’s both well paid and completely secure sounds appealing, right? Well I could suggest working for a funeral parlour and becoming an undertaker, but that’s a little morbid this close to Christmas, so instead I’m going to focus on how to become a doctor.

Most people think achieving a career in medicine is only possible for the smartest amongst us, but in truth, all it takes is the right attitude, a resistance to squeamishness and a lot of hard work. Personally, I’m of the opinion that anyone could become a doctor so long as they have the motivation, and struggling to pay rent whilst having to save for presents could well be the kick up the backside you require. Anyway, this is how you do it…

1 – Volunteer At A Hospital

Unless you’ve spent years looking into this career, it might be a good idea to apply for volunteer work at your local hospital for a couple of months before applying to attend medical school This is because hospitals can be rather stressful and ultimately boring workplaces, and although you might opt to become a GP with your own practice, knowing exactly how a hospital works and what’s in store for you will be very beneficial. Nobody wants to study and train for 5 years only to find their dislike the workplace.

2 – Apply To Medical School

You’re going to need some pretty fantastic A-level science grades if you want to be accepted into one of the top medical schools in the country, which is why some people have no choice but to attend college first and update their qualifications. Still, let’s presume you’ve already got the grades. Now all you need to do is apply via UCAS like any other person wishing to access higher education. Unfortunately, there are less than 40 schools of medicine in the UK and as a result of this some institutions receive over 10 different applicants for every placement they have available, which means you’ll really have to stand out from the crowd.

3 – Enrol In Specialised Training

If you managed to make it through your 5 year degree in medicine, the next move will be to enrol on a specialised training course that will either prepare you for work in general practice or ready you for more complicated roles within niche departments. In most instances, this training will only take a year to complete, although some of the more complicated areas could require an additional 3 years of your time. At the moment there, are many vacancies and advertised jobs in biomedical science so perhaps this is something you should look into.

4 – Find Work & Start Earning

After years of living off student loans, you should now be more than ready to start earning a good wage as a doctor in whichever field you consider to be most suitable. There are many job boards online for people trained in medicine, so they’re probably your best option when seeking work, but most graduates will have made contacts during the course of their study, and thanks to a severe lack of qualified individuals in our country, the vast majority of them find employment immediately.

So there you have it my friends, that’s how you go about becoming a doctor. See, it’s not so daunting now is it?

Catch you next time!

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