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How To Choose The Right Bike For You

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Many people might not think it, but buying a bike will require some careful research, thought and consideration. If you just go into a store and buy a bike just because it looks nice, for example, you might discover that it is far from a perfect fit for you and will result in some really uncomfortable journeys!

In order to buy a bike that offers the best mix of ride quality, looks and price, here is a handy guide for you to check out.

What is the right bike for me?

Buying a bike sadly isn’t as simple as going to your local bike store and buying one that same second! There are many things that you need to consider, and one of the main factors that will affect your purchasing decision is going to be the type of bike that best fits your needs.

Here are some of the most common bikes available to purchase:

Road Bikes

Image Credit: Phil Gradwell

These are bikes that are basically designed for people who will only intend on riding their bikes on paved streets at any sort of speed. Road bikes consist of slimline tires as well as super-lightweight frames.

When you ride a road bike, you are positioned so that you are bent over the handlebars, which is perfect for people who want to travel long distances at speed. You often see road bikes being used in cycling events such as the Tour de France.

It is not recommended to use road bikes for any sort of off-road biking.

Mountain Bikes

Image Credit: Richard Masoner

If you have decided that a road bike isn’t for you, and you would prefer to be able to cycle both on paved roads and off-road terrain, then what you need is a mountain bike!

These types of bikes have wide, grippy tires and a pretty robust frame construction, and have been designed and developed for bikers to ride across all sorts of harsh terrain without having to worry about their bikes falling apart in the process.

Mountain bikes aren’t as fast as road bikes due to the extra weight and the comfortable riding positions.

Hybrid Bikes

Image Credit: UCLA Transportation

Another type of bike which is fast becoming popular is the hybrid bike. It offers a good mix of features from both road bikes and mountain bikes, such as being able to cycle at speed thanks to the slightly-skinnier tires and lighter frame, and the seating position makes it more comfortable to ride around on.

Despite the mountain bike appearance, hybrid bikes aren’t really designed for cycling on harsh terrains like mountain bikes are. They are basically just more comfortable versions of road bikes.


Image Credit: Richard Masoner

For those of you that are only interested in bikes that provide maximum comfort rather than speed, cruiser bikes are right up your street!

They have wide seats and tires, as well as upright handlebars and usually have just one gear. You would normally see cruiser bikes by the beach or in areas that are completely flat with no hilly terrain.

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