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How to Clean Your iPhone 5

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Do you remember how excited you were when the new iPhone came on the market; it was the most talked about phone for ages. I waited with anticipation for mine to come through the post, and couldn’t wait to ring my friends to say it had arrived. I marvelled at how sleek and lightweight the phone was, and I loved the silver band that ran around the edge of it. The black glass touch screen looked so chic and modern; it was like having a new fashion accessory.

As we all know this a very expensive mobile phone to own, so I wanted to make sure that I took care of my new iPhone the best way I could. The first thing I noticed was how dirty the touch screen had become once I had used it; it was covered in fingerprints and looked and felt very greasy to the touch. We are all very aware these days that bacterium is present on everything we use, and handling a phone like this, all day long will definitely entice bacteria to grow; leading to all sorts of problems.

Earwax, dust and any other type of grime once on your phone will be able to enter your nose, mouth and ears, and if bad enough will cause illness. A British iPhone retailer has conducted a semi scientific study on phone bacteria, and it has shown that the germs present on our phones are more harmful than bacteria found on doorknobs and more shockingly our toilet seats. We don’t have to stop using our phones to stop bacteria growing, we just have to make sure that we educate ourselves on the best way to clean our iPhone, killing bacteria and keeping yourself healthy. Here are a few easy to follow tips on how to do this for your iPhone as well as other mobile phones.

1 – The first most important thing is to be very careful when choosing chemicals and tools to clean your phone, always research and read instructions before you start the cleaning process

2 – Turn your phone off before cleaning commences, as the screens brightness, can distract you from any oils or products they may have attached themselves to the screen.

3 – Research has shown that a microfiber cloth will kill up to 99% of germs and bacteria when you clean your phone in circular movements, it is perfect for eliminating smudges and  grime from everyday handling This type of cloth will also prevent your screen from scratching.

4 – For those hard to get rid of marks, dampen your cloth with a solution of distilled water, this will remove any unwanted grease and oil. Never use wet tissues or paper towels, as loose particles can enter your phone and cause damage.

5 – When you need to clean the charging point, or camera area of your phone, make sure your cloth is dry, this will avoid moisture entering any holes.

6 – Never use window cleaner or ammonia based products to remove dirt from your screen; this will destroy the LCD over time.

7 – Always make sure your phone is dry before you switch it back on, leave it on a dry clean cloth and let the natural air dry it. Never use artificial heat such as a hair dryer, this will damage it.

8 – Once you have finished cleaning your iPhone, thoroughly wash your cloth in warm water, this will prevent any dirt build-up on your cloth that could scratch your phone the next time you need to clean it.

9 – If you are someone that travels a lot, then why not invest in some anti static wipes they are easy to use and won’t scratch your screen.

10 – To keep your iPhone in good clean order, give it a good clean at least twice a week, this will keep bacteria and germs to a minimum.

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