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How To Deal With A Broken Leg

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Can you imagine what it is like when your legs fail you? Probably not. We all rely on our legs every single day. Breaking your leg is not only painful, but it is also hazardous to your day to day life. It takes around six to eight weeks for your leg to heal, and so you need to rest your leg for a long period. You may also need help getting around, and so you should make sure that you have a friend or family member by your side. So, what do you do when you break your leg?

Call a doctor right away

The first, and most obvious, thing you need to do is call a doctor. If you can’t get up at all, you will likely need an ambulance. It is best that you have someone wait with you until the doctors arrive. Be careful not to move your leg while you are waiting, or you could cause yourself further pain.

Use an ice pack to take the swelling down

One thing that you can do while you wait is use an ice pack to take the swelling down on your leg. When a bone breaks, it means that the area around it will swell up and fill with liquid. When that happens, you will find it painful. If you can take the swelling down, you will see that some of the pain goes away as well. You should place the ice pack directly onto the area and hold it there. It will feel a little uncomfortable at first but persevere, and it will start to work its magic in no time at all.

Ensure you get an X-ray

When you get to the hospital or the surgery, you need to insist that you get an X-ray. Sometimes, your doctor will say that it is not necessary for such a procedure. Ignore them. You need to know what is wrong with your leg before the medical professionals reset it. That means that you need to know whether your bone has broken or just fractured. Make sure that your doctor keeps a record of all their findings as you might need this later.

Seek legal help and see if you can claim

If your broken leg means that you need to take time off work, you might be able to claim compensation. You will find that personal injury attorneys can help you claim money for any damages you have. You will be able to claim back any money you have lost and some money for any emotional distress you have suffered. It is crucial that you keep a record of everything that happened to you when you broke your leg. That way, you can ensure that you claim the right amount of money.

Rest your leg as much as possible

When you are in the recovery period, you need to make sure that you rest your leg as much as you can. It might be tempting to get out there and socialize, but doing so could slow down your recovery. Instead, you need to keep your leg elevated and rest it for as long as you can. Take this time to relax and look after your health.

6918366997_f4ff55eed9_bFollow up with extra doctor appointments

After a couple of weeks, you will need to make another appointment with your doctor. He or she will tell you how your progress is going and explain whether there is anything you need to do help. It is vital that you don’t return to work until your doctor tells you to. If you try to go back to work too early, you might hurt yourself or cause irreparable damage to your leg.

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