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How To Fight A Drug Charge

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Having to fight a drug charge can have a big impact on your life. Depending on the outcome, you could lose your job, your family and your freedom. Even if the charge doesn’t stick, you will always have it hanging over your head. Nothing good can come from being charged on suspicion of possessing or using drugs. That’s why you have to fight the charge all the way to the end. It is for the good of you and your future. Here are a few ways to try and beat a drug charge.

  1.    Question The Validity Of The Search

How did the officers in question come to find the drugs? It is an important question because they may have done it illegally. Because the law is complex, you are not going to know every scenario and what the police and cannot do. Officers know this and, from time to time, use it to their advantage. However, if you can prove that the search was illegal or unfounded, you will more than likely get the case thrown out of court.

  1.    Use Of An Invalid Search Warrant

A warrant does not always make the search legal. The warrant will have certain defects that don’t allow the officers in question to do certain things. For example, the main reason warrants are unfounded is because they lack probable cause. An officer cannot just get a warrant because they have a suspicion – they have to prove that suspicion to a degree. A judge will look into invalid search warrants very carefully because they suppress your rights.

  1.    For Personal Use

Depending on the drug in question, there are specific amounts that constitute personal use. Consequently, they cannot detain you for illegal activity. As long as the drug in question is not Class A, and you don’t have masses of the stuff, you should be in the clear. The obvious example is marijuana. A little bit of weed is usually no big problem. Just make sure you are not found growing cannabis trees in your backyard!

  1.    For Medicinal Use

Even some highly illegal drugs are allowed for medical purposes. Again, marijuana is a drug that some doctors prescribe for conditions such as MS. But, recovering addicts will also be prescribed with powerful drugs to ease the withdrawal symptoms. Recovering heroin addicts need intense drugs such as methadone to get them through the process. In normal circumstances, methadone would be a controlled substance. But, in this case, it is legal.

  1.    Get A Good Lawyer

Even when it looks like you have no possible way out, great drug lawyers will come up trumps. They know all of the tricks and trade secrets that can win a case, or at least get it dismissed. Their expertise lies in their experience. Drug lawyers have done and seen it all, so nothing fazes them in the courtroom. The best advice is to hire a good lawyer and let them do their job.

Hopefully, they will make a breakthrough and come to an agreeable outcome for all parties.


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