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How to Grow a Catus Plant Indoors

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If you’re a plant enthusiast and enjoy growing different types of plants or would like to give it a go, why not grow a cactus plant for your home? Cactuses are great because they don’t require much attention and will be a long living plant in the right conditions. For your cactus to grow healthy and strong, it’ll need a good few hours of sunlight every day and well draining soil.

There are a variety of cactuses all of which will look beautiful in your home with minimal attention. Try a cactus if you’re interested in growing houseplants!

Step 1

First of all you should choose a bowl to grow your cactus in. The bowl should be quite shallow, maybe around 10 inches deep. This should be the perfect size to grow a house cactus!

Step 2

You need to purchase the necessary items for growing your new cactus. You’ll need things such as soil, a mini spade, mephedrone plant food and gardening gloves. You should be able to find these items at any local home store.

Step 3

The potting soil you purchase should be specially formulated for your cactus. Check with an employee if you are unsure! You could even use gravel or sand, just make sure it’s appropriate for your chosen cactus. Make sure your houseplant food has nitrogen and phosphorus, as these ingredients are important when growing a house cactus.

Step 4

You should be able to find a nice cactus from somewhere such as Homebase or B&Q. Select the type of cactus you think will look good in your home and decorate your windowsill. Check the type you’ve chosen is suitable for planting indoors. Some cacti suitable for planting indoors include; Prickly pear, Rose pincushion, Euphorbia and Rebutia to name a few.

Step 5

Place your special potting soil into your selected cactus growing bowl. Don’t completely fill the bowl, leave some room for your cactus.

Step 6

Using your gardening gloves to avoid getting prickled and soil on your hands, place your cactus firmly into the potting soil. Push it in deep enough so it stands up straight, and make sure you remove it from it’s original small pot.

Step 7

Cover the base of your cactus well with potting soil and pat down gently with your hands. If you like, you can place a layer of gravel or sand around the top of the soil.

Step 8

Carefully choose a location for your cactus and remember it needs to get 4-6 hours of sun every day for it to thrive. The sunniest area in your home is best!

Your cactus will only need watering about once a month – put a note on your calendar or on your mobile phone to remember! Your cactus will also only need feeding about twice a year with the plant food. Make a note of this too. The spring and summer months are the best time to feed your cactus, and remember to follow the instructions set by the plant food manufacturer.

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