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How to Holiday on a Budget to Spain

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Traveling can prove to be an expensive past time, especially in places such as Spain where the Euro is unbelievably strong. There are some simple ways you can cut costs, however, many travellers still tend to overlook these. Here’s exactly how you can go on holiday to Spain on a tight budget:

Book Your Flights Carefully

You can do one of two things to save money on your flights to Spain: book well in advance or really last minute. Last minute flights can be amazingly good value for money, as can booking months in advance. Using a budget airline will save you extra £’s too! Just be careful of some particular budget airlines and their sneaky extra costs, naming no names *cough* Ryanair *cough*. They charge you for practically everything so travel light. There was even one point that they were going to charge for toilet use on the plane! A bit too far I think!

Book Your Own Airport Transfers

Once you land at the airport in spain your going to need some transport to get you to your accommodation. You can just chance it and get a taxi outside the airport however this is by far not the best thing to do to save money. Those Taxis guys know your desperate for travel and will charge you whatever they feel they can get away with. The best thing to do is to shop around online to find the best airport transfer prices. Depending on which airport your flying to just do a search in Google. Barcelona is a popular destination in spain an organising airport transfers from the Barcelona airport can be pretty cheap if booked in advance.

Use Budget Accommodation

Some accommodation can be very cost effective, such as staying in a youth hostel. Youth hostels aren’t the dark, dank, unfriendly places they were once thought to be. Now you can stay at youth hostels with friendly staff, free wi-fi and even a nice breakfast. Hostelworld is the best place to book your hostel stay so don’t hesitate to save money this way if you don’t need a private room!

Airbnb is good if you would like the privacy a hotel room can offer you. People with a spare room or apartments rent them out at much more reasonable prices than your usual hotel. The site is safe, so give it a go!

One other unique way to save money on your holiday is to couch surf. Ever heard of it? Kind people allow you to stay on their couch for free and will probably even give you a tour of the area if you ask them nicely. This by far the cheapest option but definitely not for the shy kind! If you really really want to save money on your holiday to spain, couch surfing is the way forward.

Take The Bus

Taking the bus in Spain is a great cost effective way to make your way around but be warned, it can be a bit confusing. The confusion is worth the hassle over taking the train though, as the train can be ten times more expensive than a bus ticket.

Using the subways of Spain’s larger cities can save you money, and you’ll be surprised at how simple they are to understand.

You could always try hitchhiking but hey, that isn’t for everyone.

Eat Like A Spaniard

One clever way to save money on food in Spain is to eat just like a Spaniard would. They do it like this: have a small breakfast, such as a croissant with a coffee (to make sure you’re ready for lunch), and then eat a larger lunch. Buying a lunch in Spain is miles cheaper than paying for an evening meal. They even have a special name for the lunch menu, “Menu del Dia”. It’s a legal requirement in Spain that they have a cheaper menu for lunchtime!

If you have a big breakfast, you’ll probably find you’re not that hungry come lunch time and will spend more on your evening meal.

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