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How To Maintain Your Heavy Construction Equipment

All too often in the construction industry, heavy machinery can get neglected. There is a view that equipment should get used until it stops working, and then they should get sent off for repair. The issue with such an approach is that it usually costs more to fix something than to pay for preventative maintenance.

Do you run a construction firm? If so, it’s crucial that you re-evaluate how you maintain your equipment. Today’s handy guide will show you the best practices to achieve such a goal. Here is what you need to know:


Give your heavy machinery a clean each day

Before your team goes home for the day, you should have them spend some time cleaning the equipment they use before they leave the site.

The obvious point to bear in mind about building sites is that there’s a lot of dust and dirt around. A lot of that will get stuck to the sides of machines and often infiltrate their way into equipment like diggers and trucks.

Several things will happen when a build-up of such material occurs. First, flying debris can chip the paint. As you know, exposed metal will corrode (i.e. rust) when it starts to rain. As if that isn’t bad enough, dirt and dust can affect the operation of the vehicles themselves.

Engines will find it hard to operate efficiently, especially as air filters will get clogged up quicker. Parts like bearings on wheels can also get damaged. When they lose lubrication, they make an audible sound. By then, you’ll have no choice but to pay for expensive replacement parts.

When you keep your heavy machinery clean, it also gives you the chance to visually inspect each vehicle for problems. You can then have minor issues repaired before they turn into major, expensive ones!


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Get equipment serviced according to recommended schedules

All of your heavy machinery will need to undergo regular servicing at some point. While your visual checks can help to some degree, a full service will check for any underlying issues you aren’t able to spot in the field.

You should also make sure that the parts used during each service are of high quality. For instance, parts from a leading brand like CCTY Bearing are better to use than cheaper, no-name brands. If in doubt, consult with your equipment mechanic to determine the best brands to use for your machinery.

Protect the wiring

Electrical components on heavy construction machinery need to handle getting used in tough conditions. And, as we know, nothing is tougher than a building site! That’s why it’s important you protect the wiring that goes to and from all electrical components.

On most equipment, there are casings and ramps that form a shield around electrical wires. Make sure they aren’t damaged, and that the wiring underneath is also intact. If your equipment starts malfunctioning, the cause is often down to a cut or burnt-out wire.

By following the tips on this page, your heavy machinery will last longer and be more efficient!

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