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How to Make Your Own Distressed Jean Style

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Distressed jeans are in fashion which means that if you go to the high street and try to buy a brand new pair you’ll find that they have a large price tag attached to them. There is nothing wrong with this, but when you realise just how easy it is to make your own you might well be tempted!

The good thing about making your own distressed jeans is that you can use old, worn out jeans which saves you from throwing them away – saving you even more money! If you don’t have any old jeans then look out for cheap jeans for women on sale and use those instead!

Choosing The Jeans To Distress

If you have a number of old pairs of jeans in your wardrobe then you’ll be able to transform lots of them into something that is much more fashionable. The best type of jeans you can use are ones made from medium or light washed denim. If they’re an old pair that have been softened by wearing and have naturally become worn and torn over time then this is even better! You can use dark denim if you want to, but the distress look won’t be as effective.

Choose The Style You Want

The places that you can distress your jeans vary depending on your personal taste. If you aren’t sure where to start when it comes to distressing jeans then head over to some fashion websites and blogs for some help and advice as well as amazing inspiration.

Once you have decided where  you want the distress marks to be you’ll want to mark these; pencil or washable pen ink is perfect for this. You can mark more than one area of the jeans – the choice is yours!

Make a Work Surface

Try to avoid doing this on a table top as you don’t want to damage the table but if you want to use this then just cover it to avoid damage as much as possible. One handy tip is to get a piece of wood and place it in the leg of the jeans – this makes a great surface to work on.

What Are you Going To Do?

There are loads of tools that you can use to distress your jeans , anything with a rough edge will do the job. Popular tools include knives, razors, scissors, sandpaper and even a cheese grater. It has to be something that can cause damage and distress to the denim on your jeans.

Get To Work

Rather than cutting holes into the denim, you want something that is going to look and feel much more natural. Using edges of the tools you have chosen to tear, rub and damage the denim is going to be much more effective in helping you get the look you are looking for.

Finishing Touches

You can use sandpaper or a nail file to work out fraying pockets and hemlines to smooth them out and give them a fuzzy look. You can also use bleach to lighten up some areas of the denim if you want – the possibilities are endless!

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