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How to Boost Your Fertility

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If you’re trying for a baby, it can seem like it takes forever to get pregnant. You probably already know that trying as close as possible to your ovulation days can help (you can get kits that tell you when these days are), however, boosting your fertility is another great way of getting pregnant faster. Boosting fertility isn’t just the woman’s job, but the mans job, too. Here’s what both partners can do to increase their chances of having a baby:

Weight Control

For the woman, weight control is important in getting pregnant. Being too heavy or too light can both affect your chances of conceiving. Make sure you have a healthy weight by speaking to an expert such as your GP, and if you aren’t at a healthy weight yet make sure you find out your ideal weight and work towards it by eating a healthy diet and taking part in regular exercise. Regular exercise can be anything from taking a walk, walking the dog, jogging, swimming, cycling, aerobics classes, anything you enjoy that will keep you at a nice weight to get pregnant!

Protecting Your Sperm

A man should take his job of protecting his sperm very seriously. There have been some old wives tales in the past that spoke about boxers being better than briefs, and while this isn’t really true, the temperature you keep your testicles at does matter. Some doctors insist that men shouldn’t spend too long in a hot tub if they’re trying to conceive, and they especially shouldn’t have repeated hot baths. Men should also avoid keeping a laptop on their laps, and either purchase a laptop tray or pop it on a table or desk!

Watch What You’re Drinking

Another one for the ladies. Women who are trying to conceive should watch the amount of coffee and alcohol they consume. Any more than 5 cups of coffee per day, and a woman’s fertility could drop. One or two cups of coffee is perfectly ok, but you should try to keep your caffeine under 250 milligrams per day. That includes drinking fizzy drinks!

Alcohol has produced mixed findings and opinions, but if you’re trying to get pregnant you should definitely avoid drinking excessively. One or two glasses of wine should be fine, as moderation is the key. Remember though, once you’re pregnant you’ll need to cut out alcohol altogether to avoid harming your baby!

Stop Smoking

Both couples should take note of this fertility booster and stop smoking. Smoking cigarettes can impair both women’s and men’s fertility. In a woman, smoking impairs how receptive the uterus is to the egg, thus making it harder to conceive. In men, smoking can reduce their sperm count and damage DNA. It’s definitely advisable to quit smoking before getting pregnant anyway, as smoking while pregnant can increase the risk of having a miscarriage.

If you’re trying all of the above while having frequent sex (and watching what’s in your lubricants, might I add) and you still aren’t getting pregnant, you may need to speak to a professional to talk about some of your options. Learn more about infertility causes here.

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