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How To Maximise The Value Of Your Car

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Let’s say you wanted to sell a car that’s run its course. You check the local paper for ads, and find that the price you’d get for your car isn’t anywhere near what you expected. By and large, you’ll find that the used car business is a buyer’s market. While we can’t change that, you can still take steps to make sure you maximise the value of your used car.


First of all, have some repairs done, both minor and major. After so many years of driving a car, there’s going to be at least some damage done to the machine. If you want the best possible price for your used car, it’s essential that you have all the necessary work done on it. Get down to your mechanic and have them give the car a full once-over. Get an inflexible quote, and compare this with some of your other options. Then, have a browse on a site like Spire Automotive, and look at the price range for a used car that’s the same model as yours. You can use these prices as a guide for how much your car would go for in mint condition, after a certain amount of years and miles. It’s good to have some repairs done, provided you’re not making a loss!


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Next, get into an intense cleaning regime from now to the point you sell. This is important as you never know when you’ll get a call, and need to show a potential buyer your car. If you saw a car that looked absolutely beautiful in the pictures, but was covered with dirt when you turned up, you wouldn’t be all that inclined to make an offer, would you? Wash your car yourself, or take it to a trusted wash, as and when you need it. When you’re taking pictures, make sure it’s absolutely spotless inside and out, and choose a sunny day for it. This will get you as close as possible to that gleaming showroom look that buyers are attracted to. While it may not technically be doing anything to the value, good presentation will give you a better chance of higher offers.

Finally, getting all your papers in order. I’m sure you’ve been a great driver, and that you’ve made sure that all the necessary maintenance has been done before you came to sell. However, all the prospective buyers don’t know that, and they’re already going to be geared towards being suspicious of sellers. Get all the paperwork relating to your car and its history in order. With a well-organised pack of the vehicle’s repair and maintenance history, your buyers will be able to rest assured that the car’s in good condition, and will have one less reason to lower their offer! You can use services such as Experian Auto Check to get a brief overview of your car’s history.

Go through these steps, and you’ll be looking at a much more generous offer for your used car. If the task gets tough, just think about the new car you’ll buy afterwards!


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