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How To Plan A Great Hen Night

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A hen night needs to be full of lots of fun things to do. Before going into what plans need to be made, it is important to decide who is planning the event and what involvement the upcoming bride has in the decisions. Typically the maid of honour is responsible for organising the hen night as a whole, what to do and where to go etc.

Here are some things you need to consider when planning a hen night.

1 – Talking things over with the bride to be

The first step for the maid of honour is of course to talk about what the bride would and would not like for their hen night. It would be a disaster to organise a night wherein the bride was not happy or confident in the situation she has been put in. Don’t give away what you are going to do, but get a rough idea of their likes and preferences. Also discuss where they would like it to be; staying in the local area may not be what they want.

2 – Date and guests

In the discussion with the bride you need to find out what dates they wish to hold the hen night, and get a list of the people they would like to invite. Try to get contact details of everyone invited like telephone numbers as well as email addresses just incase plans change and alternative arrangements need to be made.

3 – Contacting the guests

Now you have a date, you can get in contact with the guests, emailing is the best way. Let them know of the date and whether they can attend, also based upon the likes of the bride give them a few examples of what you may plan to do, and ask their opinions too.

4 – The event

With a rough idea of numbers and what the bride to be would like, you can look around at the perfect venue. There are many companies online that provide a packages of fun filled nights such as Hen Heaven who can help organising hen nights out. These packages could include meals, money off for drinks and free entry in nightclubs. Other activities like a comedy club or adventure pursuits for the day can also be included. When you have decided on the event, you will need to email the guests again; this is to include what is going to be happening and a cost.

5 – Getting there

If the location is going to be away from the local area, you may need to organise some form of transport, so think about this when budgeting the event. You may also have to stay overnight so look at cheap places to stay too.

6 – Fancy Dress

No hen night is going to be complete without a little bit of dressing up. If you’re looking to go in fancy dress choose outfits that everybody is comfortable wearing. If your event is based around a particular theme, then choose an outfit to match. You can get great evening dresses from adorona who specialise in bridal and hen night dresses. Don’t forget if all of this is a surprise for the hen, make sure you get her outfit too. If you wish you could just make use of party sashes and head boppers.

7 – Plan the night

Have some kind of schedule in mind so that you can fit in as much as you can, of course you do not want to be rushing the hens along, but if you have tickets to free entry before a certain time into a club, you will want to make use of them.

8 – Fun activities

During the evening you need to have some activities. You could opt to buy some pre-made ones for example flash cards with fun things to do on them, or make up your own.

9 – Make sure everyone is safe

Although you want to make sure you have a good time, you could be the one responsible for making sure that everyone stays safe. Ensure that they all get home OK and that the night has been filled with lots of fun and laughter that everyone will remember.

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