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How To Play Fruit Machines

You usually find fruit machines in pubs and arcades and thereís many different brands that operate differently, although how they actually work is a closely guarded secret. If you manage to win on a fruit machine, youíll usually win anything from £30 to £250 depending on the brand machine and itís location. Going up to a fruit machine as a beginner can be very confusing, so here we tell you how to play on them like a pro:

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The Secret To Winning Fruit Machines

First weíll let you in on a little secret: whether you win or not is not down to how well you press that hold/nudge button. Fruit machines are total games of chance, and you therefore have no real control over whether you win or not. In most fruit machines a random number generator is the key factor in deciding whether you are a winner or not.

The more basic machines will have 3 picture reels on it, whereas the more advanced/modern machines will have up to 5. The machines with 5 picture reels have about 20 alternative ways of winning, vertically or diagonally, even in a V shape. You may think that on a more modern machine with 5 picture reels youíve got a better chance of getting more money, but the truth is you haven’t. You arenít guaranteed to win any more money on a 5 reeler than you would on a 3, regardless of what people say.

Many people go up to play on a fruit machine and donít know what the buttons do. For example, the hold button. The hold button will allow you to hold two matching symbols on your screen while spinning the other reel to try and get a match.

Itís rare to see any machines with a nudge button around today, but if you do come across one youíll want to know how to use it. The nudge button ďnudgesĒ a reel up or down so you can make a matching set of symbols.

Thatís it! Itís as easy as that to play on a fruit machine. No matter what more hardcore fruit machine lovers will tell you, itís down to chance whether the machine decides to let you win or not.

When playing on these machines itís important to do so responsibly. Gambling can become addictive and itís important you donít try to win back lost money when youíre on a losing streak! The best way to go about playing is to set yourself a budget, whether you’re in a real casino or playing online casino. Always stick to that budget no matter what! If you make a win then you can reinvest that money if you wish, but why not quit while youíre ahead? Many people take it too far, get greedy and end up losing too much.

Also remember that sometimes machines can have glitches and tell you youíve won when you haven’t. This man found out the hard way! He is currently taking a casino to court for refusing to pay out a win of £37 million. The casino refused to pay his win as he got 4 matching reels when the rules state you need 5. The casino blame this on a glitch in the machine! Thereís no telling which way the court case could rule.

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