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How to Prepare for an Unbelievable Holiday

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Going on holiday should be a relaxing and enjoyable experience, but sometimes a lack of preparation, combined with queues, delays and tiredness can result in a very stressful start to your dream break. With a little planning ahead you can make sure that your holiday gets off to a great start, and you can sit back and enjoy the experience. Here are my top stress-busting tips for holiday success:

Plan ahead

What sort of holiday do you want? Do you want to soak up the sun, explore the local area or enjoy the nightlife? A bit of research means that you will choose the perfect destination for your requirements.

Get organised

It might not sound exciting to be writing checklists and filling out paperwork months before your holiday, but it avoids last minute panics and tears at the airport. Make sure to dig out your passport and check the expiry date well before you travel. It’s also wise to check visa and vaccination requirements well in advance so that you can make sure everything is ready in time.

Write a holiday checklist which covers everything you need to do and keep it somewhere handy so you can add to it when something springs to mind.


You’re probably really looking forward to getting away from it all, but make sure that when you return you’re not going to be eating beans on toast for the rest of the year! A bit of careful budgeting can ensure that you have a great time, without breaking the bank. Also, setting aside a small contingency fund is a great way of making sure that you’re covered for all eventualities.


Once you have chosen your destination, find out more about the area, amenities and culture. The more you know, the more you will appreciate your surroundings. Purchasing a good guidebook will help you to explore the area and find out more about the history and attractions of the location.

Pack Sensibly

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If you’re going somewhere really hot, you won’t need a coat! I know it’s hard to imagine getting sunburnt when it’s rainy and cold outside, but your holiday destination is likely to have a completely different climate. You really don’t want valuable space in your suitcase to be taken up with clothing that you’re not going to wear. Pack as light as possible so that you don’t have to drag a weighty suitcase with you everywhere. It’s also wise to make sure that essential medication is kept in your hand luggage, just in case the worst happens, and you are separated from your suitcases.


If you’re flying early in the morning, why not book an overnight stay in a nearby hotel? This will reduce your stress levels and you can make sure you have a good start to the day. Likewise, if you’re returning from your holiday very late at night then a good nights sleep will mean you can make your way home without being tired and grumpy.

Always book ahead

Organise your accommodation, car hire, flights and travel insurance well in advance. The more time you have to research your options, the better your holiday will be. Have a look online for different package holiday deals such as the ones in this link

Have fun!

Finally, relax and enjoy your holiday time. Remember that you can’t plan for all eventualities, but sticking to a budget, booking in advance and checking out your destination ahead of your stay will result in a much calmer and stress-free stay.

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