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How To Select The Best Samsung LED TV (2015)

Samsung is no new name in the Electronics Industry. The company has a great reputation for offering the most innovative devices that pack-in a powerful performance and are loaded with advanced features. Refrigerators, Washing Machines, Mobile Phones, Computers and Televisions, you name any device that you use on a daily basis and Samsung probably has it in its range of technology products. Well, it is a known fact that the Samsung Mobile phones are single handedly the most dominant player in the Indian market, but, not many people know that Samsung also rule the TV market. They occupy a huge market share in India.

With the changing needs of the consumers, Samsung has seamlessly adapted to their needs and have left no stone unturned in offering the best products that would attract the attention of the consumers instantly. The Samsung TVs are known for their supreme picture quality, clear sound, Big screen size and last but not the least it has a beautiful design that accentuates the beauty of not only the wall but also add to the overall home décor. LED TVs has become extremely common among homeowners, as it not only gives life like viewing experience but also is easy on the eye. Samsung LED TV price greatly varies depending on the features and screen size. It is obvious that a large 52” screen would cost more than the normal 21” inch LED TV. If you are looking to buy LED TV for your home, you can consider the following models.

• Samsung EH4003
The Samsung EH4003 is a 32” LED TV that has a built-in advanced algorithm that improves the picture quality and makes even the most fine details vivid. The colour enhancer system makes watching television enjoyable than ever before as you see the colours in the most natural form. The TV also allows you to connect your memory drive to the TV and enjoy your favorite music and videos. You can even view the photos on the big screen. The silica gel and anti-humidity glue coating on the chipset protects the TV from the humidity in the air and keep your TV functioning with utmost clarity. With all these features and a price tag of just Rs. 27,900/- this amazing device is totally worth its penny.

• Samsung H5570 Smart Direct TV
This amazing TV is a game changer in the LED TV segment. This smart 48” TV comes with a built-in set top box. This is a wonderful feature as you need not have to subscribe to any satellite service provider nor do you have to pay any monthly charges. Plus, there is no additional installation charges involved. The TV has a built in Samsung Satellite TV and the number of channels and days for free subscription greatly varies depending on your locality. If you thought the huge size screen is the biggest benefit, then think again. The TV is loaded with a plethora of smart apps and motion control system that allows you to change channels, load applications and control the volume with just the movement of your fingers. There are plenty of models in the market, check the LED TV prices in India and make a smart choice to suit your budget and needs.

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