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How To Send off The Right Signals on A Date: For Men

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If you’ve nabbed a date with the girl of your dreams, then it’s only natural you want to impress her with your flirting skills and personality. However, many men get this wrong on a date (unsurprisingly) and end up scuppering their chances with the girl they tried so hard to get a date with. Sending off the right signals is extremely important; so follow this advice to impress your date:

Look Nice

Looking nice doesn’t mean going out and buying a suit or a tuxedo from a designer shop. Depending on where you’re going, plan your outfit accordingly. If you’re going to a fancy restaurant, you could wear your favourite pair of jeans, with a shirt tucked in (casually buttoned) and a suit jacket over the top. If you’re going to Pizza Hut and the cinema, wear a nice pair of jeans, a good t-shirt and a nice jacket. Make sure you smell nice too (but not overpowering!), and don’t overdo the hair gel…there’s nothing worse than stiff, crunchy hair.

Leave The Bad Jokes At Home

Sometimes men have a tendency to tell bad jokes when they’re nervous, and they may even have a collection of T-shirts with bad jokes emblazoned on them. Don’t tell any jokes, even if you think they’re hilarious, and pick a different T-shirt if the one you had planned was a “funny” one. By all means choose a T-shirt that has words on it or something else written on it, but leave bad jokes off the agenda.

Remember Your Manners

Remembering your manners is extremely important, as no girl wants to be on a date with a man who seems as if he only cares about himself. Open doors for her, say please and thanks, but remember not to be too formal either. You’re not at Buckingham palace, and she isn’t the Queen, so being too formal and not yourself will most likely put her off.

Have Good Table Manners

If you want to date young ladies, good table manners are essential. Chew with your mouth closed, sip your drink nicely, don’t talk with your mouthful (unless you think she wants a face full of pizza), don’t burp, fart, or anything else that might put her off you. I know I mentioned being yourself earlier, but if this is what you’re really like you should try to cover that up as soon as possible because it’s almost definitely the reason you’re single.

Don’t Be All “Me, Me, Me”

If you only talk about yourself, you’ll seem very arrogant. Ask her about herself to show her that you’re interested in her (do you have any brothers or sisters? Where did you go to school?). Don’t ask anything too personal or inappropriate though!

The most important thing to remember, is to be yourself; except with a little added manners. You don’t know each other that well yet so it’s important you hold off on the bad jokes and the burping until you’re sure she really likes you and won’t run off!

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