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How To Show A Woman You Love Her This Christmas

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As I sit writing this article, there are only 9 days to go until December 25th, which means you’d better start acting now if you haven’t already got the perfect present for your loved one. You see; this is a magical time of year when dreams are supposed to come true, and so you should definitely spare no expense when it comes to buying gifts for your wife or girlfriend. Some women will be more inclined to tell you exactly what they want, whilst others will expect to be surprised on Christmas morning. Either way, you’ve got your work cut out for you lads. That’ll teach you for leaving it until the last minute – again!

Don’t stress too much thought, help is at hand. I’m here today to save your bacon. Below this paragraph, you’ll find a few ideas that could make this yuletide more memorable than ever before. Some relate to presents, others to experiences, but all are guaranteed to make your partners go weak at the knees. As the old saying goes, “show them you love them, and it shall be returned”.

Buy An Eternity Ring

Not ready for marriage? Don’t worry, eternity rings could be the perfect solution. Goldsmiths have a huge range of incredibly desirable products in at the moment, so it’s almost certain you’ll find something your lady friend will love. Prices range from around £350 to just over £4000, which means it’s probably a good idea to transfer some cash from your savings now to speed up the purchasing process. Just be careful to make sure they understand the concept of an eternity ring ahead of time; otherwise you might end up getting married sooner than you’d hoped.

Take A Trip To London

Throughout the entire month of December, London becomes a magical city with giant Christmas trees, impressive lights and more German markets that you can shake a stick at, which is why you should consider bringing your loved one here for a couple of nights over the next week or so. There’s also some fantastic shops in Oxford Street and all over the capital for that matter, so maybe you can buy some cool gifts on your visit. If Paris is France’s city of love, London is its UK counterpart.

Buy Gift Cards For Designer Clothing Stores

As much as we all like to buy our lady friends presents we’ve selected ourselves, when it comes to clothing you might as well get gift cards if you don’t want to disappoint. There’s no way men can predict which items their wives and girlfriends will like, and so letting them go out and pick them is usually the best option. Just make sure you get ones for high-end designer shops because nothing screams cheapskate louder than a £30 George at Asda voucher.

Book Tickets To See A Show

There’s thousands of good theatres all over the UK, so there’s no reason to do this during your trip to London if you don’t want to. Still, the west end is a pretty impressive destination with some really cool and hip shows that are sure to impress. Wherever you decide to go, make sure you avoid pantomimes and opt for something a little more professional. I head Beverley Knight is currently playing Whitney Houston in a stage play based on the Bodyguard – maybe this would be suitable?

Anyway guys, it’s time for me to leave you to your own devices now; I’ve got lots of Christmas preparations of my own to sort out over the next couple of days. I hope you’ve found this post useful, and I’ll catch you in 2014.

Good luck!

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