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How to Wear a Wig Properly

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Wigs are great for bad hair days or even for days when you just fancy something a little different! You can try a short hairstyle without the commitment of having your own hair cut, you can try a long hairstyle without waiting for your hair to grow, you can try a different colour without reaching for the hair dye…they’re perfect to experiment with!

Some people can feel a bit intimidated when wearing a wig for the first time, it can be hard to apply it so that it looks perfectly natural and people do worry about them coming off. Here’s where we can help you! This post explains how you can properly fit your wig (like an ellen wille one) and get the most out of your new style:

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Put Your Hair Up

First you need to secure your hair completely out of the way so you can put your wig on properly. There are plenty of ways you can do this, either by putting it into a bun or pinning it up. However, if you have long hair then you might get a little bump. To avoid the bump separate your hair into two pieces and twist each one around. Cross the pieces over your head and clip them so they’re secure at the top of your head. This can help you to distribute your hair evenly over your head and get rid of any bumps.

Make sure your fringe is secured too, whether that’s clipped back or clipped down at the sides. At this point you can also apply a wig cap by just putting it on your head like a swimming hat. A wig cap can help to smooth everything out and hold the wig on, but if you haven’t got a wig cap then a headband can sometimes do the trick.

Put On The Wig

Get your wig and put it on your head front to back by fitting the front part of the cap first and then pulling the back over the back of your head. Pull the wig on firmly so it feels secure and try to line it up with where your natural hairline starts. The wig probably won’t look how you’d like it to straight away, but you can begin to style it by using a brush or your fingers. Make sure you check to see if you can use heated styling products on your wig or not. If it is synthetic or says keep away from heat then do not attempt to straighten or curl your wig with heated appliances, as you’ll end up with a frizzy charred mess!

Making Your Wig Look More Natural

If you think your wig looks a bit too shiny, then you can add a bit of talcum powder to tone it down and make it look more natural. You can also add hair accessories to make the wig look more like your own hair, such as hair bands, clips and hats!

You may need a bit of time to adjust if you’ve never worn a wig before, so give yourself enough time to get used to it before you go out. Then all you have to do is remember to enjoy experimenting with your wig!

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