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How to Plan a Hassle Free Weekend Break

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While we all love going away on weekend breaks and holidays, then sheer planning and organising that goes into our jaunts can take its toll and suck the fun out of the holiday. What you need is a guide on how to plan the perfect stress free holiday:

Compile a Checklist

Compiling a holiday checklist may seem tedious, but with forward planning there is no reason why you cannot ensure that you have everything that you need for an enjoyable break. Think about the climate of your chosen destination and what suitable attire you will need. Likewise, it is important to ensure that you have a selection of casual, and dressy, clothes so that you have something comfortable for the day and something more appropriate for the evening. Remember to pack enough underwear and socks, lest you run out. Turning them inside out is not an option.

Take a look at your toiletries and cosmetics and make sure that you pack accordingly:

Shampoo and Conditioner





Plan Your Journey

While this may seem obvious, so many holiday makers forget to plan their route. If you are staying within the UK, getting accurate timings from Google Maps will ensure that your journey runs smoothly.

Book Accommodation

Booking accommodation can seem like a perilous task. With a plethora of online review forums, it can be difficult to know where to stay. After all, you don’t want the memories of your holiday tainted by staying in a fleapit hotel. Take a look at Citybase Apartments who provide holidaymakers with amazing apartments for their travel needs.

Compile an Itinerary of Your Stay

If you want to visit the local sights and excursions, but if you are only staying at your chosen destination for a weekend, or a short break, you may end up wasting valuable time planning your holiday when you arrive. Take the stress out of your holiday and ensure that you have an itinerary of places that you want to visit. The sites website will tell you how long a tour typically takes, so you can efficiently visit all the principal places of your destination.

With some simple internet research, this should be easy to do. Planning makes for a stress free and relaxing break.

Check out the Transport Links

London has the Underground and Paris has the Metro. Both are perfect for exploring these glorious cities. While not all major cities have these incredible underground tube stations, you can still use public transport to get around your chosen destination. What is more, as you won’t be concentrating on driving, you will be able to see all the sites and take in the scenery of your short vacation. Relaxing is important, so do see what public transport amenities are available at your destination.

Have Fun!

While it is imperative that you plan your jaunt to ensure that you have a stress free holiday, you must remember to have fun. Over planning can spoil a holiday, so ensure that you don’t embark on a rigid regime and timetable.



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