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How To Play Roulette And Make Your Fortune

In all the great movies, it is the roulette wheel that takes center stage in the scenes played out in casinos. The villain is often a casino owner who is determined to do the dirty deed to one undercover agent, or another. A casino without a roulette wheel is lacking. The game is easy to play, fair, and stylish as ladies with evening dresses and jewelry are accompanied by their tuxedo wearing partners.

But what are the rules to roulette? Whether you place bets online using Visa prepaid casino options or stand at a real table, the rules are the same. Here are some rules that with a bit of luck could make you a fortune is you understand them.

The Chips

In a casino, you exchange your money for chips. The chips are good for all of the tables and make the games convenient as there is no fiddling about with coins or notes. The roulette table is slightly different. When you approach it, you will be asked to change your casino chips for roulette chips. The dealer will make sure that each player’s chips are a different colour to avoid confusion when you place your bet on the table. When you finish playing the game, convert the chips back for use on other tables.

The Spin

When the roulette wheel is spinning, the dealer will spin the ball in the opposite direction. Only when the ball stops on a number are the winnings calculated and paid out.

The Bets

Here are some common bets and the odds paid out.

  • Betting on red or black pays out even odds.
  • Betting on odd or even numbers pays out even odds.
  • Split bets pay out 17 to one. (Place the chip on the line between two numbers)
  • Betting on a single number pays out thirty five to one.
  • A corner bet pays out eight to one. (place the chip on the corner of four numbers, either number will pay out)
  • Dozens. You can bet on ranges of twelve numbers. These are one to twelve, thirteen to twenty four, and twenty five to thirty six.

You can still place a bet on your lucky number even if someone else has occupied it with their chip; just put your chip on top of theirs. Multiple bets do not affect the odds payable.

So how does a casino make money when the odds are so good? Well, roulette wheels also have a number zero on them. No-one wins when the ball falls on it, so the odds are always slightly in favour of the casino on average. That doesn’t mean you can’t win big bucks; many players on an unstoppable lucky streak have broken casinos in the past.

Roulette is a game of chance like no other. It does not rely on how fit a horse is or how well a team is doing in the league. We cannot quantify the randomness of the outcomes since the physics are chaotic. That is why it will always be a firm favourite with casinos and gamblers for decades to come. Give it a try and feel the thrill yourself.


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