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How To Survive Getting Lost In The Wilderness For Weeks

Imagine this scenario for a moment. Youíre out in the wild, alone and completely unsure of which direction civilisation is in. Itís been a few days since youíve seen any sign of human life. Youíre scared, youíre exhausted but most of all, youíre starving. You desperately need to eat something or you will surely perish. Would you survive this situation? For most of us, the answer is almost certainly going to be no. After all, many of us simply donít have the skills to stay alive in the wild. Bear Grylls is of course the exception, and you might think thatís okay. After all, what are the chances of you needing to survive in the wild anyway? Well, as they would probably tell you, anyone stranded in the past didnít expect it to happen. They werenít prepared when they got lost on a hike or their plane went down, but you can be. So, what will it take for you to be able to survive in the wild?

Know How To Navigate


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When you get lost in the wilderness, the main aim is not to survive until someone finds you. Ideally, you want to be able to escape yourself by using some key orienteering skills. If you want to make sure you survive getting lost in the wild, itís best to learn to read a map and use a compass. You might also want to learn some more natural ways of knowing which way to go such as star reading. If you know different star formations, you will also be able to find North at night. Youíll find courses in orienteering and other skills like this online.

Learn How To Hunt

If you want to survive getting lost in the wild, you need to be able to eat. You might think itís safest to just eat fruit and herbs from the trees. Depending on where you are, thereís a good chance any fruit you find is poisonous. This is why you should learn how to hunt wildlife instead. Meat will also give you the protein you need for strength to survive when youíre out wandering alone. Of course, to do this, youíll need to learn how to use a weapon. You can take some hunting lessons whether youíre using a gun or a bow. If youíre looking for the best crossbow for hunting, you can read some reviews online. Itís far more useful to learn how to hunt with a bow. In the wild you might be able to make one of these from scratch. You canít, on the other hand, make a gun.

Take A Survival Course

Well, if youíre really desperate to know how to survive in the wild, you can take a course run by the legend himself. The Bear Grylls survival course is open to anyone interested in learning to survive out in the open. Be warned though courses like this do involve intense measures of survival. For instance, some trainees have reported that they were expected to drink their own urine. Itís one thing to drink it when youíre actually in danger of dehydration. Itís quite another when youíre only ten miles from the nearest city.

If you master all these skills, youíll survive even if you are miles from civilization.


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