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How to Travel in Scotland on a Budget

Scotland. It is the place where dreams are made. Many people cannot wait to cross the border and spend some time in magical Scotland. It is often heralded as one of the most beautiful places in the whole of Europe. If you have ever had the good fortune to spend any time in Scotland, you will know why this accolade has been bestowed.

There are many ways that you can travel around Scotland on a budget. The country is a lot more accessible than what you think.


There is a definite appeal when it comes to Edinburgh. As it is the Scottish capital, there are a plethora of things to do that will not break the bank. Museums, art, culture and castles. This city has it all. Most of these pursuits are free. If you want to spend your time in Edinburgh learning a lot more about the culture and history of this magnificent city, you can do so on a budget. You can visit Edinburgh without having to spend a lot of money. You can walk around the beautiful cobbled streets of the Old Town and simply take in the breathtaking wonder around you.

Accommodation is relatively cheap too. If you want to visit on a budget, then you need to do so out of season. August sees the return of many tourists and can be expensive at this time of year. Check out for competitively priced apartments within the hub of the city centre. If you are considering hopping between cities, then you can take the Megabus for as little of £2. This is the ultimate way to travel around Scotland for the savvy tourist.


If you are something of a military history aficionado, you will love to visit Stirling. Steeped in a rich military history, you will be enthralled by what this charming city has to offer. It is perfectly equidistant between Edinburgh and Glasgow. This makes it the perfect stopover destination. The Wallace Monument is an absolute must. if you want to see Scotland’s fine heritage in all its glory, this is the place for you. if you want to eat out for less, try Sandwiches at Hendersons. This is much more than a sandwich, and you get a lot of bang for your buck.


For those that crave to be at the centre of Scotland’s tourism industry, a trip to Pitlochry is a must. It holds the country’s most adored beauty spots and has a wide range of activities that all the family can get involved in. What is more, the town is home to beautiful Victorian architecture that you can enjoy for free. For the frugal traveller, the Scottish Deli has three-course meals for £10 per person. This is certainly hard to beat. The food quality is no way impaired by the price.

Travelling on a budget has never been easier. A trip to Scotland can be done on a shoestring is you are sensible in your approach. Utilise local deli’s, the Megabus and see the free sites. Your trip to Scotland will be hard to beat.


Image of Scotland is courtesy of Moyan Brenn

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