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How To Remove Leg Hair Without Pain

Removing hair on our legs is probably one of the downsides to being a woman. No matter the method we choose; it’s expensive, takes time, effort, and can be quite painful. Waxing hurts, as does laser hair removal (not so much if you’re doing it yourself at home with a Tria laser!), which leaves us with only one more real option; shaving. Shaving is probably the least painful method of removing our leg hair, but if we get that wrong it can end up being painful, too (shaving rash, nicks and scrapes, ingrown hairs). If you hate how painful it is to remove the hair from your legs, here’s a guide on how to do it so it’s totally pain free!

Shaving Your Legs Without Pain

You’ll Need:

  • A new, sharp razor. Try to choose one that’s a decent make, like gillette (more control over the razor, and you get what you pay for).

  • Hair conditioner.

  • Shaving cream (choose sensitive if you have sensitive skin).

Once you have everything above in your bathroom, you’re ready to shave your legs. Here’s how to do it:

1. Run yourself a bath or shower, and allow your hairs to soften and pores to open up for around 5 minutes. This will make the area much easier to shave!

2. Grab your shaving cream and squirt some into your hand. It’ll probably expand once it’s out of the can, so don’t use too much as it’ll just go to waste. Now smooth it onto one leg, making sure you cover all areas evenly but not too thickly (this can affect the outcome and clog your razor). Apply the cream up to the area you want to shave, this could be below the knee, over the knee, or over the whole leg. Most women prefer to shave just above the knee or 3 quarters of the way up for the best effect!

3. Grab your razor and dampen it in the water. Starting from the ankle, slowly and smoothly run the razor up your leg, up to the point that you’d like to shave to. Continue doing this the whole way around the leg (you’ll be able to see where you’ve been due to the shaving foam), rinsing your razor as you go along to make sure you don’t clog it up.

4. Once you’ve completed the leg, give it a feel to see how smooth it is with your hands – if you can feel any hairs then you may have missed a bit! It’s common to miss small strips and pieces, especially at the back of the leg and difficult to reach areas; simply smooth on a little bit more shaving cream and shave that part again.

5. Rinse off your leg, and once you’re certain you’ve got a silky smooth leg, you can repeat the process with the other leg.

6. Smooth some conditioner on after shaving to moisturise your legs and soothe them, and then rinse before you exit the bath or shower!

That’s it; you’ve shaved your legs! Didn’t hurt, did it? Now all you have to do is pat them dry with a clean towel, and apply a small amount of moisturiser (body butter is perfect for silky smooth legs). Enjoy your silky smooth, pain free pins!

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