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How to Stop Dark Jeans from Bleeding in the Washing Machine

We’ve all been there, it’s Friday night and you’re browsing through your wardrobe, trying to find a cool, white, t-shirt. The trouble is, even that new one you bought last week has started to show a blue tint at the bottom after just one night of rubbing against your new jeans, leaving it looking older and less fresh than it really is. On top of that, your sofa is beginning to brandish a blue patch in exactly the spot you’ve been sitting, and the tops of your white trainers look like a smurf’s been at them.

Everyone knows the indigo dye used when making denim is renowned for bleeding, and so its a very good idea to take some precautions when donning a pair.

How is it done?

Well, first of all, don’t stress. You can stop your jeans from bleeding with very little effort and for very little cost. The first step is pretty obvious to be honest: put them in the washing machine on their own. Make sure you’ve removed all your other clothes / towels etc, as new pairs of jeans are almost certain to bleed into other garments.

For the best results, it is advised that you only use cold water (a setting most machines have) and turn the denim inside out before starting the cycle. You can add a small amount of white vinegar to the wash, as this helps seal the fabric and encourages the dye to bleed less, or you can even hand wash the jeans in a mixture of vinegar and water, if you have the time.

Is That It?

Not entirely. The washing process needs to be repeated at least three or four times to ensure the dye will no longer seep out onto your other clothes and furniture.

If you’ve washed them over and over again, but you still find that they bleed excessively, you can try filling the bathtub with water and vinegar and leaving your jeans to soak overnight. This method usually works well when a washing machine doesn’t cut the mustard, but be warned, your house may well need fumigating on the following day

Can I Avoid All This Effort?

Of course you can! Just don’t buy dark jeans, or if you do, get a distressed look pair from a retailer like Jean Machine, as they are less likely to run. Being pre-distressed usually means the denim will have been through an extensive washing process already, so the dye should be relatively safe around your cream sofa and other light coloured clothes.

Another benefit of picking up a pair of distressed denims is that you can wear them straight away, safe in the knowledge that you won’t be handed a huge cleaning bill by your friends or family.

So now you’ve read the tips, and you know the tricks, hopefully you should be able to avoid ever having to apologise for marking a friends expensive new white leather car seat ever again.

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