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How To Save Money For A Mortgage

Getting a mortgage is one of the biggest and most expensive decisions of a persons life. In the economy as it is today, it can be difficult for people to actually save enough money to put the deposit down on a mortgage and move out of their rental home. Just about everyone will need to get their foot on the property ladder at some point, so here are some helpful tips on how you can start to save up money ready to get a mortgage:

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Have The Right Attitude Towards Your Mortgage

Your home is more than likely the most expensive thing youíll ever buy, so if you canít afford to pay cash, make sure the loan you get to fund it is the best one available to you. You donít want to be paying hundreds a year more than you really need to!

Youíll find thousands of deals available to you so itís crucial you read the small print to find the best one. Staying loyal to your bank will benefit your bank, not you, so if itís not the best rate for you donít do it. Better still, you can try to pay more than you need to each month on your mortgage, which will mean you finish paying years earlier than you would have otherwise and save loads of money.

Pay Off Credit Card Debt

Financial planning has some important rules and one of those rules is to clear your largest debts first, so if you have credit card debt that should be your number one priority. Credit cards do give us an easy way to pay for things, but if you canít pay off your balance every month then a low cost loan could be a good alternative. You can save hundreds of pounds!

Slash The Cost Of Your Petrol Bills

Petrol is another big expense in most of our lives. The market for petrol is competitive, so find the best place you can get yours from. It might not seem like a massive saving but it all adds up in the long term! You can even save money by walking shorter distances instead of driving, which has the added benefit of improved fitness!

Make Sure You Have The Right Phone Package For You

If you have a pay as you go phone, and top up on average 5 pounds a week, thatís a total of 20 pounds per month. However you could find there are many deals from different providers offering you more minutes/texts/internet for less money, such as Giffgaff! On Giffgaff you can set up a monthly payment through direct debit or continue to top up as you go.

Many of us also fail to check for better deals when we have had a phone contract for a while. This could mean the deal youíre on is outdated. Searching for better value for money contracts everytime it comes to renew could save lotís of money over the years…even just mentioning a better deal youíve found to your current provider could encourage them to offer you an even better deal!

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