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How to Buy a Used Nissan Qashqai

Ryan K
Written by Ryan K

Produced by Japanese brand Nissan – one of the biggest car manufacturers in the world – the Qashqai is one of the most popular car models in the UK. Known for building cars that offer high quality and excellent engineering, as well as performance and reliability, the Qashqai is no exception.

A stylish CUB (crossover utility vehicle), the Qashqai combines the perks and power of an SUV in a smaller, more compact model. It’s also innovative in its class – when first released in 2007 it paved the way for many other SUVs that have since entered the market.

But what makes the Qashqai a great used car option? Stylish and economical, with a 5-star NCAP rating and offering front-wheel drive, this is a comfortable family car at a great price.

Engine Sizes

Several versions of the Qashqai have been released, with the initial 2007-2013 range and a rerelease in 2014. As such, the Qashqai is available in a range of engine sizes, from a city-smart 1.2-litre petrol option, to a more powerful 2.0-litre diesel. Furthermore, the 2007-2013 range delivers up to 147bhp, and the 2014 a maximum of 160bhp.

Fuel efficiency

Although the Qashqai drives, looks and feels like an SUV, it offers the fuel efficiency of a hatchback. This makes it a perfect family car, offering four-wheel capability for country drives, while also being economical enough for city commutes and school runs.

Depending on the spec, the 2007-2013 models boast up to 62mpg, with the newer 2014 range up to 74mpg, making it an economical car to run.

Overall Performance

For a car in its class, the Qashqai SUV offers excellent performance. Although not categorised as a four-by-four, it does have an off-road mode that engages automatically when required. This makes the car practical for icy, snowy and wet conditions, as well as uneven country roads.

In terms of power, the Qashqai can go from 0-60mph in just over 12 seconds – although this is model dependent – making it a powerful and agile car.

Additional Features

As well as great performance and fuel consumption, the Qashqai offers many additional features. When new, buyers can add packages as required, but are features you can look out for when buying a used Qashqai.

Optional extras include: a tech bundle (rear-view camera and reverse sensors, touch screen entertainment, built-in sav navigation and Bluetooth), additional comfort features (including heated front seats), and premium options (auto folding wing mirrors, privacy glass on the rear window, glass roof and 18-inch alloys).

Furthermore, the Qashqai is available with smart key, cruise control and air conditioning. It also has lots of pockets and built-in storage, making it perfect for families.

Price Tag

The Qashqai is one of the most affordable SUVs on the road. Basic new models start around the £18,000 price tag, with many used coming in below £10,000 – a very reasonable price tag for a car with this level of performance and additional features. Plus, if you’re happy to buy an older model, you could secure a Qashqai for less than £8000 – a bargain for an SUV.

As well as an affordable purchase price, the Qashqai is environmentally friendly and as such, cheap to insure and tax. The 2007-2013 Qashqai falls into the 15-24 insurance brackets with tax ranging from £30-£305 a year, while 2014 onwards are in insurance category 13-21 and £0-£135 road tax.

Used car checks

Finally, when buying a used car, whether buying a Qashqai at Motorpoint or privately, it’s essential to carry out basic checks. Always take a Qashqai for a test-drive, see how it feels when you’re behind the wheel and listen for any unusual noises. Also do a visual check around the vehicle. Lastly, listen to your gut and if in doubt, wait before purchasing.

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