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How to Effectively Cope with Arthritis

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Arthritis is a common condition that can cause pain and inflammation within a joint. Approximately 10 million people suffer from it in this country, and it affects people of every age…even children. There are also many different types of arthritis, and these come with a wide range of symptoms. If you’ve got arthritis, life in general can be a whole lot harder. However, there are a variety of things you can try to manage your symptoms, and make everyday life a lot more comfortable for you. If you’re consistent, then you can effectively cope with arthritis. Here’s how:

Helping Yourself to Cope With Arthritis

Coping with arthritis can be difficult, especially if you have a more severe form like osteoarthritis. Try the following methods to improve your condition:

  • Controlling your weight can help to ease the pressure on your joints, so eat a balanced diet full of fruit and veg and avoid junk.

  • Avoid stress and injury to your joints, as this can cause osteoarthritis, if you haven’t got it already.

  • Keep a good posture to strengthen your joint structure.

  • Physiotherapy can help to prevent your condition worsening.

  • A stick or cane can also help prevent worsening of your condition.

  • Make sure you walk as much as you can, as this will help prevent osteoarthritis, and increase the strength of the muscles that support your joints.

There’s a rumour that avoiding exercise will help reduce joint problems later on. However this isn’t true!

What Is Osteoarthritis?

This is the most common form of arthritis in the UK, affecting 8.5 million people. It is where the cartilage between the bones gradually wastes away, leading to painful rubbing of bone between the joints. This can wreak havoc in the spine, hands, knees, and hips! This condition often starts in people between 40-50 years old.

Preventing Accidents

Unfortunately, arthritis can make us less flexible and mobile. This can contribute to more accidents in the home. Here’s how you can avoid accidents:

  • Eliminate hazards in the home by keeping your home well lit and removing loose wires. Make sure any carpets are secure. Clean up any spills straight away, and install grab rails in the bathroom.

  • Practice exercises like yoga, tai chi, and dance to help improve your balance.

  • Wear flat shoes rather than heels.

  • Avoid alcohol, as this can affect everybodies balance!

  • If you need help, ask for it. You’ve surely got at least one friend or family member who will be happy to help you with a chore that causes you pain! Being proud will only make things worse.

Signs You’ve Got Arthritis

The signs of arthritis will vary depending on the kind you have. Common symptoms include:

  • Joint pain, tenderness and stiffness.

  • Inflammation in and around the joints.

  • Restricted movement of the joints.

  • Weakness and muscle wasting.

If you think you’ve got arthritis, you should see your GP ASAP to get a proper diagnosis. You can then take the steps to effectively cope with your arthritis.


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