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How To Be A Brain Box

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The concept of Neuroplasticity is that the brain never stops being able to learn new things. Throughout our lifetime we can improve aspects of our brain function like cognition and memory. Below we discuss some way of doing this.



The first way we can try to be smarter is by looking at our diet. Of course, what we put into our bodies has an effect on the way in which they perform, and this includes our brain. There are some food in particular that are known to improve cognition, or how fast we understand things and our memory recall.




One such food stuff the supplement Omega 3 oil. Harvest from fish this is full of essential fatty acids, which the body cannot produce on its own. Without these amino acid chains, the body can’t manufacture the necessary proteins to function at its peak. That’s why it’s so important that we consume these in our diet.

The problem with Omega 3 is that many people report a fishy smell on the breath, and that permeates the skins when doing exercise. No matter how good for you it is, it’s likely that most people won’t continue to take it if they experience this effect. A good alternative to omega 3 with similar benefits is Krill Oil. This does don’t have the fishy smaller side effect, and you can read about its other benefits by clicking on Nootriment Krill Oil review.


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Brain training

Another way we can increase our cognitive speed and power is to train our brain as if it was muscle. Everyone know that if you work a muscle in your arm hard, then it will get bigger. So working your brain hard should have a similar result right? Well, it has certainly been proven by studies that keeping the mind active ensure better memory function.


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Traditionally people did puzzles like crosswords and sudoku to keep their mental facilities in shape. Of course, these past time are still as popular as ever, but technology has also provided us with a new option. The brain training game. These are available across many platforms, and Nintendo has especially excelled by providing Brain Age for the DS and Brain Training Academy for the Wii. There are also apps you can get for your smart devices like Elevate This was voted as Apple 2014 App of the year so is well worth a look.


The brain training games use the idea of interactive puzzle games across different mental skill categories. Which can include perception, comprehension, visual memory, math, and logic? They allow you to work the areas that you are not so naturally good at. So you improve on these too, in essence, making you smarter.

These games also have the benefit of including in-game logging of your progress and the ability to pit your skills against your friends and family. Finally resolved that age-old quest, of who actually is the smartest in your household!


You know what they say ‘fake it ‘till you make it!” and that is never so true as when you are trying to come off as intelligent. Remember that most people will accept what you say as true if you say it with enough confidence and gusto. But be careful, don’t start going off on a tangent or making things up just to seem smart. You’re bound to come a cropper! Maybe the most intelligent thing to do would be to admit you don’t know sometimes!


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Of course, there is another way of becoming smarter. That is using the good old tried and tested method of studying. Reading about issues can help you to gain knowledge and information that you need.

The key to making good notes on your reading is to order them in the way in which your brain is best at taking information in. So if you are a visual learner then draws some pictures to represent what you have learned. If you are an aural learner, then record yourself reading out chapters from a book and play them back. Or of you are a kinesthetic learner write on a pile of flashcards, mix them all up and then match them back up again by moving them round.

Of course, reading about something can only take you so far, especially in things that require practical experience. If you want to get better at doing things or making things, then you will have to opt for the ‘practice makes perfect’ mantra. That means more you do something, the better your mind and body get  at it.

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