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How to Decorate Your Mobile Phone: 5 Ways

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Many people like to decorate their mobile phone, either because they’re bored of it’s plain appearance or because they want to show off their individuality. It’s really easy to customise your phone, so why not try one of our 5 ways to give it a fun look your friends will be jealous of:

1. Paint It

You can usually paint your phone with any kind of paint, but nail polish is simple and quick drying. You’ll want to test the nail polish on your phone first to make sure that it comes out the colour you’d like it to, but then you can get to work. Use a bit of masking tape to make sure you’ve covered up all of the screens and cameras, as nail polish will ruin them. You could use a stencil to paint with! When you’re done, simply leave to dry and make sure you keep your phone away from dirt and dust or anything that could leave an imprint.

2. Use Stickers and 3D Decorations

You can buy many different kinds of stickers and 3D decorations on eBay. You can get really creative here and cut up different stickers and decorations to make your own design.

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3. Add Accessories

Many phone accessories are ready made, so they’re an easy, mess free way to decorate your phone and make it look prettier. Mobile phone cases also come in many different designs, so if you don’t want to paint or stick stickers on to your actual phone you could simply add a phone case!

4. Change Your Wallpaper and Ringtone

Changing your wallpaper and ringtone are easy ways to change up your phone without spending any money or putting in any effort. You can often make your ringtone a song saved on your phone, but if you can’t you can buy ringtones from certain companies – just be careful you don’t sign up to anything! Look on Google if you have the internet on your phone for a cute wallpaper.

5. Have it Gold Plated

If you’ve got a bigger budget or a family member is going to treat you, you could have your phone gold plated. Companies like goldgenie offer this service, but you can also buy your own kits from the jeweller and online to do it yourself. However, it’s recommended that a professional does it for you – especially on something as expensive and technical as a mobile phone!

Extra Tips

  • Be careful when decorating your phone. If you don’t like what you’ve painted or stuck on, you’ll find it difficult to remove.
  • Try to pick something you’ll like for a long time. It’s not a good idea to decorate your phone too much if you think your style will change soon!
  • When buying wallpapers and ringtones you need to be very careful, as some sign you up to ongoing services. Read the small print and make sure you know the true cost!

Follow our tips to make your mobile phone look cooler and more appealing!

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